Egyptian Party

Acient Egypt -10yr- Snake Relay




Marianne in Bayonne, New Jersey USA


April 2002


Special Mention

Ancient Egypt - 10 year old 

We sent invitations inviting the guests to 'travel back in  time to Ancient Egypt in search of the treasures of King  Tut.  Beware of the dangers that lie ahead.  Be prepared to  unlock the key to secret ancient writings! Experience  ancient burial rituals! Search the ruins for fragments of  ancient life!  Compete for clues and trinkets along your  journey to the treasure filled tomb.' 

I printed these on  ivory parchment with a Sand font then rolled them up and  tied them with jute.  The room was set up with a blue table cloth on the floor  as the Nile.  I made fish by gluing funfoam to plastic  Easter eggs and glued a washer to the nose.  A magnet on a  string on a stick was the pole.  I also laid down a sand  colored tablecloth and placed a box with glass stones and  packing peanuts there along with some geodes and 'treasure  stones' I made with coffee grounds, sand, flour and water  that held foreign coins inside. 

I tacked some brown  wrapping paper to the wall for painting hieroglyphics.   Each child received a tote bag with plastic goggles and a  sheet of hieroglyphics (get them off the web) and  information on canopic jars. They also received a pith  helmet.  In between activities they were allowed to fish  in the Nile and keep what they found inside their fish  (candy) or hunt for treasure (they had 15 seconds to find  as many glass stones as they could among the packing  peanuts.     

Activities included painting scarabs (I paper mached  plastic eggs then cut them in half). When they were dried  we put a marble under them then raced them down an  incline.  We made canopic jars (I covered squeeze bottles  with gauze and plaster and they made heads out of clay  them painted them). 

Our archeological dig consisted of  choosing one geode and 2 treasure rocks (some were empty).  They cracked them open to reveal their prizes (all went  home with a good geode and 2 foreign coins).  I had  planned on making plaster tablets so they could carve  their names in hieroglyphics but time ran out on that one.     

Games were snake relays (I bought large rubber snakes  and bent wire hangers into hooks. First child had to move  the snakes to the other side of the room and the next  child had to bring them back), basket relays (they carried  those snakes in a basket on their heads), and snake toss  (throw them into a basket).  Winners received a plastic  gold coin.       

Cake was a pyramid (just keep cutting on a slant  and stacking with frosting).      

At the end of the party the kids had to find the  treasure.  First they had to clear the path of snakes  (each kid hooked and bagged a snake to take home). Then  they had to answer the riddle of the Sphinx before he  would let them pass to the treasure.  The treasure was in  a long box painted gold to look like a coffin. 

Treat bags  were pyramids made from poster board and filled with a  small plastic snake and chocolate coins.  I also threw in  some Mardi Gras beads and ring pops.  After that they  could shop at the marketplace to redeem their gold

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