Dress Up Party

Glam Party -5yr- Cream Cheese Sandwiches




Kathryn in Boonton, NJ


April 2008



The invitation done on the computer read:   Oh Girl!  You look so fine!   I love your outfit & your hair is divine!   An afternoon with the girls What could be more fun? Celebrate Dorian's 5th Birthday By getting your hair and makeup done!  Wear your favorite dress or gown And we will do the rest With polish, paint and sparkles You'll look your very best! 

The Set Up:  Our house is a split level without a ton of room, so I set up different parts of the party on different levels of the house.   When you walk into the foyer, I set up small folding tables for each station.  One/Hair  Two/Nails  Three/Tattoos and face painting  Four/Make Up.   I also had the beads, boas and rings set up on the stand that holds the folding tables.  The girls could decide which pieces they wanted while they were waiting for the next station. Most of the items were purchased from the Dollar Store or Party City.     

Downstairs, was a pop-bead station for girls to make their own necklaces. The moms who came gladly helped the girls.  I also set up coloring pages.  I printed out a bunch of princesses on the back of recycled paper for anyone who was done with their glamour station.   I also purchased brown lunch bags and asked each girl to write her name on the bag and decorate it. These were used to hold the prizes from the games.    

THE FOOD: The food was set out downstairs.  Since it was 2p-4pm - no major food was needed. I served cream cheese sandwiches on the little loaves of bread, chips, goldfish, oreos with pink filling and fruit snacks. The girls were so excited to be glammed up" they really didn't eat that much.  I could have done less food but how do you pass on buying pink oreos?  I had grown up food and drinks upstairs and on the other side of the room for the adults.   

THE GAMES: Once the girls were made up (I asked my friends and family to help with each station)they went downstairs.  Our first game was Pass the Goodie Bag.  I used a sparkly bag from the dollar store filled with little snack baggies of treats (candy tattoos jewelery).  The game was played like Hot Potato in reverse.  Whoever was left holding the bag ended up with a prize.  If two girls were holding it they both got a price. 

There were only 6 girls so no need to have anyone sit out.  We strategically indicated to the DJ when to stop if one child didn't have as many treats as the others.  I left a few prizes in the bag for the next game.   The second game was Kiss the Prince.  Prince Eric was traced onto posterboard. After reapplying some more lipstick the girls had their their eyes covered with a boa and were spun around to kiss the prince.  Everyone received a prize.   

THE FINALE We then went upstairs for cake and icecream and presents.  I gave goodie bags with beads rings sunglasses pencils and candy.  We also handed out a small stuffed animal to each girl.  Plus they kept the boas and beas.    It was a perfect two-hour party.  Some girls did stay longer.  They put on more lipstick and kissed the prince again.   I've seen glamour party places that charged almost $400.  This was done for about $160 including food and drinks for the adults.    "

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