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Little Diva Dress-Up -5yr- Dad the Butler




Kate in San Antonio, Texas USA


February 2008


Special Mention

For my daughter's 5th birthday she wanted to have her friends over to dress up.  I had seen many dress up parties but we decided to take it to the DIVA level.  

INVITATION:  For invitations I cut glitter cardstock in to the shape of an envelope purse.  Kind of a three fold invitation.  My daughter glued a rhinestone for a button on the top and inside I glued another piece of cardstock on the middle portion with the party information.  We wrote:  Hey fabulous!  You're favorite Diva, Camille, is turning 5!  Let's do lunch!  Then the who, what and where.  I mad a separate little insert shaped like a mirror compact with the map to our house.  I bought silver mirror paper to put on one side to make it more real.

DECORATIONS:  To decorate I used every mirror I could get my hands on.  I bought a few full length mirrors at Walmart for $5 and borrowed mirrors from the whole family.  I tried to get as many mirrors around the room as possible.  I taped tulle and silk flowers on the tops of some of the mirrors and had other arrangements of real and silk flowers around the room as well.  I brought in bunches of throw pillows and bed pillows that I had covered with some cheap pink fabric I had found in the dollar per yard bins.   

ACTIVITIES:  We only had a few girls since my daughter was only 5.  There were about 9 girls ages 3-6.  When they first came in they were escorted by the butler (my husband in his Sunday suit) to the parlor where the pillows were scattered around.  Each of the girls was given a hand mirror and  I had my three teenaged nieces put makeup on all of them.  They brought the makeup with them but we had several shards of pinks and purples mostly eye shadow and lipstick and blush.  The girls loved the attention from the big girls. 

Next we passed out long feather boas in pink and purple and white that I bought off eBay and some long elbow length gloves for each of the little girls.  We had everything presented on large silver platters kind of like you might serve appetizers.  The girls also each got a pair of high healed shoes.  I got shoes from some of the thrift stores and flea markets around town and spray painted them with glitter paint and embellished them with a few sequins and silk flowers. 

The final touch was jewelry.  We passed around a tray of jewelry for the girls to choose from as well.  I had gone to lots of the flea markets to gather old costume jewelry in necklaces, pins, rings, and clip-on earrings.  Each of the girls got to pick several pieces that they wanted. They all spent lots of time admiring themselves in all the mirrors.

GAMES:  The only game we really played was what I called Dig for Diamonds.  I had bought a box of crystal diamond shaped Christmas ornaments in the after Christmas sale.  I put them in the bottom of a cedar chest that I have and covered them with lots of silk flowers.  Each of the girls had to dig to the bottom to find a diamond- in their shoes, gloves, boa, and jewelry of course.  They had a lot of fun!

PARTY SNACKS and FOOD:  I made a table of little food for the girls.  I made little shish-k-bobs out of wooden skewers with miniature muffins, marshmallows, and strawberries.  I glued little bows and a bead on the end of each skewers to make them pretty.  We had little bowls of nuts and mints and little finger sandwiches that I cut out with small cookie cutters.  Again there was butler service for the food.  To drink I made a mix of strawberry sherbet and lemon-lime soda.  It gets a little foamy and tastes great.  The girls drank it out of plastic champaign glasses that I got at the Dollar Store.  

CAKE:  I didn't make a big cake for the party.  I made a lot of petit fours with white fondant icing and little candy flowers on top.   I put them on a three tiered cake plate with a few roses around the edges.  There was a slightly larger one on top (about cupcake size) that held the candles.  

FAVORS.  For party favors the girls got to take home all of their diva gear- shoes, gloves, boa, and jewelry.  They also had the diamond that they dug for and a few pictures that we were able to take and printout on our home computer.  We also gave each girl a thank you card as they left.. 

I had found some print your own invitations that looked like a sleeping mask and we printed on them My birthday was great and now I'm spent but I'm glad I spent it with you!  Thank you!

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