Dress Up Party

Fashion Show Party -5yr- Fashion Themes




Cee in Hamden, CT USA


July 2007



My daughter wanted a Fashion Show Party for her 5th Birthday and we were happy to oblige.  We started out with the invitations advising all guests to bring their best outfits to model.  Guests ranged in ages from 1 to 10, so we designated 3 tables for the 3 age groups, one for the two 1 year olds, another for the 5 year olds and the other for the older kids.  I made table numbers for each of the tables.  Since my daughter turned 5, the main table for the 5 year olds was table #5, the table for the older kids was table # 5a and the 1 year olds dined at table # 5b. 

As the guests entered, they were greeted at a table adorned with place cards bearing their name and table number.  They were then able to pick up their place card and place it anywhere they wanted at the designated table.   

Teal & Brown were the colors we used; each table had a Teal tablecloth and a brown runner.  The runner was simply made by cutting a plastic table cloth ($.74 from Party City) into 3rds.   Each place setting was set with a solid Teal paper dinner plate, small Lil Bratz plate, napkin and a menu card, which I made myself using my computer.  I also placed clear plastic wine glasses on the table for each guest to sip champagne (fruit punch & ginger ale) along with clear cutlery and a plastic Lil Bratz cup, which the guests were able to take home. 

On the menu was Hot Dogs, Chips, Fruit Salad, Champagne (Punch) and of course, Cake & Ice Cream.  The adult menu also included Cheeseburgers and Salad  As we waited for all of the guests to arrive, the kids were escorted to a screened in porch, where they colored Bratz coloring pages.  Once all guests had arrived, we went back into the dining room, where the guests made beaded bracelets and necklaces, which they were also able to take home. 

Once the accessories were done, we took time out to get in some dancing.  They danced to the Cheetah Girls, Jump In and High School Musical. 

After dancing, we headed back on to the screened in porch, where the girls were able to purchase a handbag and shoes to model in the show.  The handbags, which were also one of their favors and the shoes were placed around the porch as if they were in a showroom.  The handbags and shoes were purchased with $5.00 bills they were given which had my daughters face on it (freestuff4kids.net). 

Then it was off to the fashion show.  Inside each handbag that the girls purchased, there was a ring, a necklace and a bracelet which they could wear in the show if they wanted to. (they also kept these items).  Once the girls changed into the 1st outfit  the fashion show was about to begin. 

I made a program for the audience (parents) to follow, which basically listed the participating models for each Act.  Act I was  We're all in this together from the movie High School Musical.  Act II was Cheetahlicious.  The front of the program cover read  An Afternoon of Fashion and Fun , presented by my daughter name. The date of the party and the time.  The other side of the program included each girls name and a thank you at the bottom from my daughter. 

The girls strutted their stuff on the runway, which was a stair runner purchased from a local Dollar Store for $1/Yd.  My husband was the photographer, while several other guests snapped photos as if they were the paparazzi.    Additional goodie bags were also given to the guests, which included, mini notebooks, pencils, stickers, lip shaped whistles and candy.

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