Dress Up Party

Diva Party -8yr- Glamour Girl Relay




Elisa in Cortlandt Manor, NY, USA


June 2006



For my daughter's 8th birthday, I made her the ultimate DIVA party.  I used a lot of ideas from this site (thank you!), and added some of my own. 

Invitations:  I made them on the computer.  I wrote "Come Be A Star With Jessica!" and added all of the information (time, place, etc.)  I downloaded a lot of pictures of stars and make-up.  The girls (15 of them) were told to come dressed up as a diva if they wished. 

Decorations:  We rented a small clubhouse that had one main room, and two smaller rooms.  We kept the decorations simple with pink, blue, and yellow streamers, helium ballons (used Ballon Time kit), and some signs I had made on the computer (one was "All Divas Park Here!")  When the girls arrived, one of the smaller rooms was "Jessica's Nail Salon". (My mom did the girls' nails.)  The other room was "Jessic's Make-Up Studio".  (My mother-in-law put lip gloss, blush, and eye shadow on the girls.) We also did tattoos. 

Craft:  The girls made a foam jewelry hand from Oriental Trading. 

1. Limbo 

2. Pedicure Hot Potato (3 bottles of nail polish went around the circle.  When the music stopped, whoever was holding a bottle polished one toe.  Whoever polished all 10 toes first won.)  

3. Pin the Ponytail on Jessica (My father-in-law drew a side view of Jessica, with an outline of a ponytail.  We had ponytails with each of the girls' names on them, and whoever came the closest to where the real ponytail would go, won.) 

4.  Glamour Girl Relay (2 teams. 2 suitcases each with one of my shirts, a skirt, beaded necklaces, and sunglasses.  The girls had to put on the clothes, let me take a picture of them (I put the pictures in the thank you cards), take them off, put them back in the suitcase.  Whichever team had all their girls finish first, won.)  

5. Diva Dash (Put chairs in a circle.  Caller says something like "A Diva wears sandals."  Everyone with sandals has to get up and change places.  But, while they are moving, one chair gets taken away.  Whoever is left at the end, wins.)  

6.  Pass the Purse (Fill a pocketbook with small prizes. (We used rubber jelly bracelets.) The girls sit in a circle, and pass the pocketbook until the music stops.  When it does, whoever is holding the pocketbook, gets to take a prize out of it, but is out of the game.  Whoever is left at the end, wins.) 

Prizes: Lip Gloss, Big pens I found at the dollar store that said "DIVA", body jewels, nail polish.  We made sure that every girl got a prize even if she had not won a game. 

Food:  Pizza, Sprite in plastic champagne glasses, popcorn, party mix, tortilla chips, Bratz birthday cake. 

Goody Bags:  nail polish, lip gloss, party girl notepads and pencilsm (Oriental Trading), candy ncklaces, and candy from the PURSE pinata (from Birthday Express). 

This party was AWESOME, and all of Jessica's friends are still talking about it.

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