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Frozen Princess Party -8yr- Shrinking Iceberg Game




Tara in Tarboro


August 2014


Runner Up

Party Theme:  Disney Frozen Birthday Party for my 8 year old daughter who has grown attached to the movie, music, and characters of this most recent Disney addition. 

INVITATION:  For the invitation, I purchased preprinted snowflake papers from online at paperdirect.com and created a rhyming invite based off of lines in the movie and music.    It said:  "For the first time in in forever, we will open up our gates,  On her coronation day, Princess Grace is turning 8!    Princesses, Princes, Knights alike, are invited from across the land,  Her birthday celebration--will be frosty and magical and grand!    Clad yourselves in royal wear; prepare for mirth and glee!  Princess Elsa will join us there for birthday treats and a Royal Feast!    Our royal guests will sing Frozen songs and fete our Princess Grace,  If she conceals and does not feel, eternal winter will stay away!    Princess Elsa shed shame and fear, to embrace her gift of snow,  Accept that you , too, are wonderfully made"; and to fear say "Let it go!"    I bought matching envelopes so each snowflake invitation arrived via USPS revealing a snowflake design!  

DECORATIONS:  In keeping with the winter theme I bought blue tissue poms  and collapsible white metallic snowflakes and hung these from the ceiling all around the rented tent.  I bought a giant 10 ft by 9 feet snowflake entry to place outside the tent so that guests would know where to enter and used Disney frozen balloon bouquets on each of eight tables.  We had a corner of the tent set up with a stage with karaoke for a Sing the Songs of Frozen station.  In mostly turned into a sing-a-long but even the boys helped to sing these well known songs.  Inside the tent was an ice castle and gates also purchased online.  All decorations were purchased from shindigz.com.   

ACTIVITIES:  Because our party was at our house, we had outside activities which included soccer and basketball ,which was utilized mostly by the boys, a playground set, and a sandbox, which was mostly utilized by the girls and young children.  We hired characters dressed as Snow queen and Snow princess who took pictures with the kids and read a story to them.  They were hired for an hour so after the book they led the sing-a-long and played the games right along with the rest of the attendees.   

GAMES:  For games we played Shrinking Icebergs.  This was a type of musical chairs game without the chairs.  I gave each child a white towel or washcloth.  Each child must step off the towel when the music from Frozen was playing and when the music stopped whoever did not find a towel of cloth to stand on was out.  With each stop more and more towels were removed until only one winner remained.  We also has Snowball Freeze Fight.  With this game we used ball pit balls as pretend snowballs.  While the songs of Frozen were playing a snowball fight ensued.  When the music stopped whoever did not freeze was out!.  Our final game was a trusty favorite--string pinata.  When the candy fell out well you know what happens when the candy falls outJ.  

PARTY SNACKS:  For our food we served fruit kabobs and blue candy melt covered marshmallows with candy snowflakes attached.  My husband grilled hamburgers that I had hoped to cut out into snowflake shapes with a snowflake cookie cutters but I ran out of time.so normal burgers it was.  We also served chips on the side.  To drink, we rented a fountain that had blue punch mixed with sierra mist on a table from which the kids could serve themselves.  

CAKE:  I bought my cake from a local baker who makes all kinds of cakes from her home.  Our cake was three tiers and enough to serve 60.  We prepared for 24 kids with one or two parents and 0-2 siblings.  The middle tier had an edible picture of Princess Anna and Elsa on it.  The top had a fondant Olaf and  number 8.  The bottom tier had a fondant Sven.  All three tiers had fondant snowflakes on them.  The cake was beautiful and delicious!  

FAVORS:  For party favors I bought silver boxes from bagsandbowsonline.com.  I bought clear snowflake gems from Hobby Lobby and hot glued them on the lids, I also bought blue snowflake ornaments and glued them on the center of the lid right over a white snowflake ribbon.  The boxes were filled with personalized snowflake pencils that said Happy Frozen Birthday Grace Do You Want to Build a Snowman? The box included Marshmallow craft Frozen lanyard,  blue gumballs, white chocolate candy, a notepad, Frozen stickers, rubber band bracelet with snowflake charms, and glow stick bracelets.  There was also a short water bottle with labels printed at home that had been attached an read:  Melted Snow.    

COSTUMES:  For costumes the birthday girl wore a Princess Elsa costume and I watched a youtube.com  tutorial on how to make Princess Elsa hair and fixed her hair the best I could into a loose Princess Elsa braid.  She also had Jamberry snowflake fingernail wraps!  Her younger sister wore a costume for Princess Anna.  Her older brother was a good sport an wore a T-shirt that had a picture of Olaf on it that said I Like Warm Hugs.  My husband had gray Princess Elsa T-shirt that said The fears that once controlled me can’t get to me at all. I had on an Olaf T-shirt that said Turn up the heat.    Because we hired characters, our pictures were fantastic, especially of my girls with the Snow Queen and Princess that we hired. Our family portrait also was quite special!"

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