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January 2014


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Lily's Princess and Knight's Party (2nd birthday) 

INVITATIONS: The theme throughout is (Disney) Princesses, knights with salmon pink quatrefoil and light grey colors. I made her invitations in photoshop by first making a thick salmon pink quatrefoil border.  The inside body is white. I put a grey tiara with tiny hearts at the very top. It said Hear ye hear ye Calling all Princesses and Knights to attend a royal celebration in honor of Princess Lily's 2nd birthday"  Most of the text was black princesses was in the pink knights was grey. I had a light grey banner in the middle where Princess Lily's was written in darker pink and 2nd Birthday was in white. The specifics (date time) were in grey. Then at the bottom it said to bring a swimsuit and towel.  On the back I put an "Ariel" princess picture from one of our many photoshoots. The one I chose was at the beach with a mermaid tail and bandeau top.  After I had these printed at vistaprint I put three rhinestones on the crown of each invitation. I also made a paper sleeve out of the quatrefoil pattern with a white label design I made out of a rectangle and circle with a 2 on it.  I stamped the envelopes with a crown. 

DECORATIONS:  For her yard sign I used the quatrefoil background and put together the six princesses I was using - Rapunzel Snow White Aurora Cinderella Ariel and Belle. I had this printed at vistaprint. The party was outside by an inground pool (In August in Louisiana).  I made a large banner with the quatrefoil pattern and the six Disney princess. I also put her "Sleeping Beauty" picture on it with a silver picture frame around it. The photo was taken in a clean white room with a white bed that had a shabby rose comforter on it. She was wearing a soft flowy coral dress with a large gold sequened peter pan color and a real metal gold crown.  It said "Happy 2nd Birthday Princess Lily." I also printed at vistaprint. This was hung behind her cake table. Behind the banner I hung a white ruffle tablecloth to hang to the floor behind the table.

On either side of the banner I hung the disney princess scene setters you can find at any party store. Her cake table was round. I put a light pink table cloth on top and used another white ruffle table cloth around it so that it hung all the way to the floor.  The lady that made her pink quatrefoil romper had extra material so she made me a matching table runner to lay on top.  I put the blow-outs and magic wands around the cake on the table. I put the gift table under a large awning. I used a pink table cloth and decorated that with the rest of the scene setter and one of those fold out honeycomb ones with the tissue paper as Cinderella's dress. I hung several princess danglers from the awning. On the edge of the awing I hung a purchased Disney princess banner that said "Happy 2nd Birthday  it was the kind that you buy with all the numbers and then put the number on yourself. The favor tables, I found a really cute decoration from walmart. It was Disney Princess printed on cardboard at the top, and had two sheets of plastic hanging down to look like curtains complete with tiebacks!  I put this up on the fence.  I then put two small round tables in front of that with the favor boxes on it.  They looked like castles (more on this in the favors" section). 

Next to the favor tables I picked out Two foam boards worth of pictures from her last year and one foam board with 18 of her 2 year princess pictures I took.  We did some themed photos for each princess (Rapunzel Snow White Aurora Cinderella Ariel and Belle). They said "What a great year" So much fun!" and "As pretty as a Princess 2013". I hung these up on the fence. I put a knight banner up by the food that was on a two layer serving cart. I had another table set up with a pink princess table cloth with crowns for the boys and tiaras for the girls.  I also made signs at each activity station done in the pink quatrefoil print. I put labels made with the quatrefoil print for the drinks restroom & changing room.  I also made water bottle labels similar to the sleeves I used on the invitations. I bought all of the princess plates and napkins.  We had canned drinks and juice boxes so we didn't need cups (even though I sent home plastic cups as favors). I didn't really need to decorate too much because it was outside.  I wanted to do balloons but it was too windy.

ACTIVITIES: I had an "activity" for each princess. For each I made a sign with a picture of a Disney princes and her sidekick on the quatrefoil design.  We have a big play area by the pool with a tower slide swing etc.  So for Rapunzel I made a sign that said Rapunzel's Tower and hung it up there.  For Aurora I put a sign that said "Aurora's fairy gifts" and put that by the favor table.  One of my daughter's gifts was a large bouncy castle with a slide so we set that up and I put a sign that said "Cinderella's Castle" by it.  For Ariel it was "Swimming with Ariel" and I hung that on the basketball goal in the pool. For Belle I put a sign by the cake that said "Belle's Dessert Cart".  We also had "Snow White's Photo booth".  I cut a piece up plywood and bolted it together to have a shape of a photo booth. I painted the inside with lime green yellow and turquoise with a thin white strip between the colors. I then went in with a quatrefoil stencil and painted some random designs all over with those same three colors.  I had a green and blue plastic chair set by so the kids could take pictures.

Props included:  A knight set (helmet chest plate sword shield) disguise glasses eye pop out glasses huge glasses fairy wings Rapunzel hair tiara fairy wands feather boas colorful hair extension clips duck dynasty beard and bandana combo pirate eye patch fake red apple wooden picture frame mermaid shell bra.  This was really fun.

GAMES: I had to do something just for the boys.  I found a graphic that said "Knighty Knight Joust in time" so I printed that and hung it up. I drew a knight on foam board and cut a hole out of the middle.  The kids rode on a hobby horse in knight gear to a certain point and threw the bean bag we did a mini tournament.  Winner got a small trophy.  Of course the kids made up their own games in the pool play area and bouncy house. I didn't do many structured things because it was so hot they mostly just swam and played on the slide. I also bought a pin the shell on Ariel game but we didn't get to that.

COSTUMES: Most of the kids came in bathing suits and cover ups. I did get my awesome sewing lady (Stitching by Love on facebook) to make a pink quatrefoil romper with lace on the bottom for my daughter to wear.  She wore a crown and some bejeweled shoes.  It was too hot for anyone else to dress up. 

PARTY SNACKS: We always do hotdogs chili and chips for our pool parties.  We had a variety of drinks. 

CAKE: I make cakes on the side for other people so of course I had to make my daughter a huge one :).   It was three tiered with a crown on top. The bottom tier was airbrushed with the pink quatrefoil pattern with silver and white castles on on the side.  I also made some white lace and swagged it.  The middle tier was a shiny silver.  I made a HUGE white gum paste bow to go around that tier and heavily dusted it with edible glitter powder.  This was my favorite bow I've ever done.  The top was white and quilted with a lace border.  The bottom two layers had a piped pearl border.  I made her name in huge letters in purple at the top.  I didn't want to over do it I wanted it nice and elegant.  It was neapolitan flavored - Princess White Strawberries and Cream and my signature triple chocolate chunk. 

FAVORS: I found these really neat favor boxes on clearance at walmart. The boxes have windows and brick accents. The holder looks like a castle. So when you stack them in the holder it looks like a bigger castle.  I did some for the boys and some for the girls. Contents were: Boys- knight cup flip frog toy horse knight candy fairy tale finger puppet knight gum roll.  I found a lot of the knight stuff at Oriental Trading.  Girls - Princess cup, princess Lip gloss, bead necklace, princess ring, colorful hair extension clip, fairy tale finger puppet, flip frog.  I stacked the cups behind the castle. 

Summary: Everyone had a really good time!  The party lasted well after dark. I found most of the stuff that I bought either from birthdayexpress.com, oriental trading, party city, and walmart.  I usually donate our leftovers to the library but I had a friend whose boy was having a Mike the Knight party so most of my leftovers worked for her party! Yay for recycling! "

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