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Disney Costume Party -6yr- Spin Art Craft




Jane in East Fallowfield, PA, USA


March 2004


Special Mention

It all started with my daughter wanting to be Princess Jasmine for her 6th birthday.  Mind you this was after we went to Disney World in May.  Since her birthday is in February it was not easy finding a Jasmine costume.  I called Disney World mail order and got her the costume.  Then everything started coming into place.  Being that there are also boys at her party we couldn’t do just a Princess Party.  So I decided to do a Disney Costume party.  We had a total of 9 boys and 17 girls all ranging from ages 3 to 8. 

The invitations were done on the computer in old English writing and Disney character clip art they said Hear ye Hear ye in honor of Princess Allyson turning 6 you are invited to come to a Disney Costume Party.  The picture in the front was pictures of Mickey and friends in front of Cinderella’s castle.  On the inside it said Come join Princess Allyson and her royal court for some royal treats, fun & games".  Come dressed as you favorite Disney Character or wear your favorite Disney shirt.  Then it said the typical for, date, time and place but used my last name and called the place the Royal Palace. 

The decorations were a Tinker bell Happy Birthday sign; 18 Disney books lining the stairs in my house; I finally found a use for those Happy Meal toys.  I put 87 Disney Happy meal toys attached with 103 different colored pipe-cleaners attached to the spindles of the stairs.  I enlarged a coloring page to 24 x 36 poster size (out of my daughters princess coloring book) of Snow White and the evil queen with the apples, which would be a pin the apple on Snow White game later. 

Cardboard cutouts of princesses were taped on the other rail of the stairs, Disney themed stuff animals blocked both set of stairs (to prevent any of the children going up to the second level of the house), I also painted a dark arch with bricks on either side and a gold crown with jewels on each side in between the crowns was our sir name and Royal Palace after it.  As the guests would walk in I had to bubble blowers from Disney (one was a Buzz Lightyear and the other was Princess Ariel). 

The party was from 2-4:30.  When the kids started to arrive at 2:00 they all went into the living room where I had a friend playing Disney Charades until 2:30.  At 2:30 I had Princess Jasmine arrive with her MC from a local character party place.  They played games for an hour and took pictures and sang happy birthday.  The cake was a round princess cake surrounded by white cupcakes with red and black Mickey Mouse picks.  After Princess Jasmine left I made 3 stations. 

First the kids would play hot potato passing a Mickey Mouse doll around to Disney movie themed music.  Then as each kid got out they went to the next station which was spin art with fabric paint on Mickey Mouse symbols drawn on iron on transfer paper.  I had 2 spin arts going at the same time to accommodate 26 kids.  We wrote the names on the back before they picked their colors and after the kids did the spin art we would put the finishing touch of glitter on each of them. 

After they did the spin art they went to the next station which was pin the apple on Snow White.  I made an apple tree out of construction paper and poster board.  Each apple had their name on it for name recognition.  They would peel the apple off the tree and then pin it on Snow White’s hand.  After everyone had their chance at each station we did the Mickey Mouse pull string pinata.  The pinata was filled with plastic Ziploc bags with each kids name on it once again name recognition. 

The bags had Mickey Mouse & friends stickers as a decoration.  Inside the bags were candy button sheets, starbursts, Lionking fruit snacks (boys) and Princess fruit snacks (girls), lollipops, chocolate princess coins (girls) and toy story coins (boys).  Then as the kids left they each got a light blue goody bag with a picture of Disney characters and Mickey Mouse & friends.  The kids name was written in the middle of the bag.  On the back of the bag was a picture of Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse waving good-bye in front of Cinderella’s castle. 

Inside the bag were different Disney zipper pulls of Simba from Lion king, Buzz Lightyear of Toy Story, princesses, Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse; princess pencils for girls and Nemo pencils for boys;  Flower erasers for girls and sports ball erasers for boys; personalized canvas pencil cases made on the computer with word art and iron on transfers also with 3 princess clip art  ironed on for girls and 3 male characters ironed on for boys; Lionking blowers for boys and different princess blowers for girls and a each one got a sheet of stickers (some were princesses, pooh, lionking and lilo & stitch). 

The party ended exactly at 4:30 and a fun time was had by all.

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