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Disney Princess -4yr- Favors From Each Princess




Julie in Palos Park, Il, USA


Jan. 2004


Special Mention

When my daughter turned 4 she was in love with the Disney princesses so we decided to go with it.  We found so many great ideas and then adapted them to our liking.

INVITATIONS: Our invitations were computer paper made to look like scrolls.  Our invitations started out like a fairy tale of course beginning with "Once upon a time..."  We told a story of our beautiful princess dreaming of a party with all of the other princes and princesses of the kingdom.  She asked that they all arrive at the stroke of 10 to dine on a delicious lunch fit for all.  They were to wear their finest and dress like a prince or a princess.  They would be returned to their parents at the stroke of 1.  We rolled the scrolls and tied them with curling ribbon and hand delivered them all.  

On the day of the party all of the children arrived wearing something resembling a prince or princess.  Some wore old flower girl dresses and some wore old halloween costumes. One of the boys took it a little further and dressed like THE KING (Elvis). 

GAMES: Since the Disney princesses were our theme we played games involving most of them.  I had a large poster of Snow White so we played Pin the Kiss on Snow White.  I cut out red lips for each child and they went at it. 

We also played Pass the Magic Wand for Cinderella.  It was played the same way as hot potato, using of course a wand and a cd with music from Disney movies. 

We played Fishing for Dinglehoppers for Ariel.  As any Little Mermaid fan would know, a dinglehopper is the name that was given to a "fork" by Ariel's friend.  I attached paper clips to plastic forks and made a fishing pole from a dowel rod, a piece of string and a magnet.  Each child was given one minute to catch as many dinglehoppers as they could.  The only catch was that they could not catch the Ursula pictures(attached to a paper clip) scattered along with the forks.  I thought that this game was going to be one of the easiest but actually turned out to be quite challenging. 

Our final game was for Sleeping Beauty.  I found a dragon pinata and we played Slay the Dragon. As always, the pinata was a big hit.

DECORATIONS:  The only decorations that were needed were in the dining room.  We decorated using pink and purple.  We used a soft pink tablecloth and the Disney Princess paper goods. I also found cardboard pictures of our chosen princesses and hung them from my dining room chandelier which was directly over the table.  I used streamers from the corners of the room to the chandelier also. 

Finally, on each plate I had placed a magic wand and a princess party hat that I made prior to the party.  The wands were made from a dowel rod, two craft foam stars glued back to back with gold ribbon streaming down.  As simple as they were, they were adorable. 

The princess hats were just as easy and the girls were adorable in them.  I used simple pink and purple party hats and tucked a long piece of tulle in the top.  The boys received gold crowns found at a party store.  They were all perfect.  

The food we served was perfect.  We had sandwiches cut into the shape of a heart using a cookie cutter, apple slices (Snow White's poison apple) with caramel dip and pink milk.  Instead of a cake each child had their own cupcake that we had decorated with sprinkles earlier in the party. Each cupcake had it's own birthday candle and after singing to the birthday girl everyone could blow out their own.  The kids loved it! 

PARTY BAGS:  Our party bags were a huge hit.  As I was shopping I found more and more items that allowed me to be even more creative.  Inside each bag, which was a pink gift bag found at a craft store, was something representing each of our chosen princesses.  For Sleeping Beauty, I found chocolate roses.  For Snow White I wrapped Hershey's kisses in tulle with a message attached that read " Many kisses from your Prince".  For Cinderella, I found small clear plastic shoes at a party store in the bridal section.    They looked exactly like a glass slipper and they were extremely inexpensive.  I filled them with jelly beans and also wropped them with tulle and a ribbon. 

While at the party store I also came across clear plastic seashells that opened up.  Inside, from Ariel, I added a candy necklace and candy bracelet.  Also in the bags were princess fruit snacks, a play necklace, rings, and a pair of dress up shoes.  The girls loved the bags and loved trying to guess which treat was from which princess. The boys were equally excited by their bags which contained all of the princess loot but contained a frog washcloth and a plastic sword instead of the dress up.  There was not a single thing that I would have changed. 

The party was so much fun because there was something that everyone was good at.  I would do this party again in a heartbeat.

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