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Karli's Princess Party 3yr - Sunday Brunch




Tia in Memphis, MO, USA


September 2007


Special Mention

My little girl just absolutely loves Disney Princesses, so what better way to celebrate her birthday that to do just that! 

For her invitations:  We bought computer paper that looked like stone (antiqued) and typed the following in bright pink old English font: Hear ye, Hear ye!  All ye Princesses, Princes, Kings, and Queens of the land!  You are cordially invited to attend the Third Birthday Celebration of Princess Karli.  Festivities will be held at the (our last name) Castle, (our address), in the Kingdom of (our town).  This celebration will commence on September 2, 2007 when the clock strikes 11:00 am. 

Please see that your royal carriage arrives at 1:00 to carry you back to (each individual guest's last name) Castle in the Kingdom of (each individual guest's home town).  King Daddy and Queen Mommy request that all Princesses and Princes planning to attend this Royal Event please send word to (our phone number).  Princess Karli looks forward to your attendance at her Royal Birthday, which promises to be an enchanting time for all!  We then burnt all around the paper with a lighter and rolled up like a scroll.  We then tied each scroll with pink princess ribbon and affixed it with a Disney princess sticker. 

For her decorations:  What princess birthday would be complete without a thrown and castle?  Here's what we did:  My husband is a mechanic, so here's where all of our boxes came from.  We made a castle out of a VERY large box from his shop and added turrets from a dryer box from a local appliance store.  We left an opening in the front where we made a princess crown out of cardboard and painted it metallic gold with the number 3 and Karli's name in bright pink.  We then painted the box in a dark gray and in black we painted bricks and shadowed them.  It looked better than we had envisioned.  

My husband, being the creative man that he is, made Karli a thrown out of old stove legs as the base and used exhaust pipe for the arms and back.  He made small scroll decorations out of very small pipe to drape tool around.  Then he finished that off by spray painting it in a metallic silver paint.  He then cut the back and seat out of heavy duty plywood and upholstered that with bright pink satin cloth.  It was SO inexpensive but looked like a million bucks!  We had the castle and thrown set up in one of the corners of the community building we had rented for the gala.   We then used red construction paper to make a royal red carpet leading up to her thrown! 

We cut out about 30 stars out of cardboard, punched holes in the top and spray painted the same metallic silver as the thrown.  We then hung them from the ceiling with clear fishing line.  The tables were fit for a royal princess! We had five 8 foot tables set up to feast at.  They had bright pink plastic table cloths, a silver plastic table runner (To cut down on cost I bought 1 regular sized table cloth and cut it lengthways to make table runners),  each of the tables had a certain princess theme (Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Ariel).  We used our computers clip art and found a picture of each princess in rags, in her ball gown, and one of each of the princess with their prince.  I blew each one up to fit an 8X11 inch piece of cardstock and printed them out (I also laminated them and used large tongue depressors to make them stand). 

They stood up on each table in the middle of the table runner and had pink and white curling ribbon along the table runner.  Each person's place setting was already for them.   We used large white doilies for place mats.  Every other one was a large and small pink plate stacked on top of each other, and every other one was purple set up the same way.  We used clear utensils and wrapped them in the same napkin color as plate and tried with a white curling ribbon.  We used small coaster sized doilies for our drinks, which we used plastic champagne goblets for.  The food table had a basic white plastic table cloth on the top and was skirted with a bright pink plastic skirt that matched the color of the banquet tables. 

For our gift table we just used an 8 foot table and covered it with a Disney princess table cloth.  The cake table had a white plastic table cloth and on one side of the cake we had our napkins arranged diagonally interchanging Disney princess ones with pink and purple ones.  On the other side of the cake we had Disney princess plates lined up. 

Our food: We had morning brunch for Karli's birthday because we did it on a Sunday morning.  We served homemade muffins, coffee cakes, biscuits and gravy.   We labeled each dish with a clip art image of a Disney character that coordinated with the princess we highlighted.  For example we used a picture of the 7 dwarfs and labeled the muffins Snow White's Apple Muffins.  And had your traditional drinks: o.j., apple juice, coffee, and milk. 

Our cake:  We are SO lucky that my husband's sister is a culinary chef.  She made our Disney princess two-tiered birthday cake.  It had pink roses and windows with the princess looking out.  The cake itself was strawberry and had strawberry preserve middle.  It was delicious.  

Favors: We took inexpensive brown paper lunch sacks and glued a picture we found on the computer of the entire princess together, rolled it down, and tied it with pink curling ribbon.  The goodies inside were misc. princess things (for instance: princess balloons, pencils, Frisbees, pink candies, etc).  My daughter is still talking about her Princess Birthday and we still have the castle in the back yard.  Her thrown sets in our living room, where she watches her princess movies! 

I hope I didn't leave anything out.  I hope this gives you some ideas for your little princess.

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