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Disney Princess Party 3yr - Crown Craft




Amy in Plano, Illinois, USA


April 2007


Special Mention

For My Daughter's 3 Year Old Afternoon Spring Birthday Celebration   We rented a clubhouse to accommodate the 40 family and friends (aged 9 months to 80!) invited to the big event.  

I created an electronic invitation through Smilebox (a free online scrapbook program) with the heading Hear Ye Hear Ye  Someone's Turning 3.  When you linked to the pastel colored invitation it included her photo (dressed as Tinkerbell) inside a flower shaped cutout alongside three real Disney Princess photos with the copy:   You are cordially invited to Princess Katie's 3rd Birthday Ball   The Royal Feast and Celebration will begin specific party details   The King & Queen request your reply  RSVP details We purchased a Disney Ariel Wedding Dress and Vail set for Katie to wear for her party.  Grandma and Grandpa drove and escorted her in for her debut. 

The colors we selected for all decorations were pink and purple  from tablecloths, to signs, to napkins and plates.  We alternated plain colored napkins and plates with napkins featuring three of the Princesses and plates featuring Cinderella.  Plastic Silverware was presented in a Disney Princess bag.  Disney Princess tissue paper lined baskets that displayed some of the food items. We used my crystal and depression glass collection to display most of the other food to fancy up the paperware. 

We did pink and purple flower shaped cutouts (that mimicked the shape on the invite) on food and drink tables.  We created centerpieces for each of the guest tables from pink Disney Princess treat containers that I filled with pink and purple silk flowers.  To make it a bit larger and seem flower-esque, we added purple sparkle bag filler and a green silk leave underneath each centerpiece.  We also had the large pumpkin carriage Cinderella mylar balloon and two pink heart ballons (3 of course!) to designate the gift table.

For food, we did a tea party brunch we named Belle's Banquet and created a menu with Disney's Belle picture and a listing of what was being served. Including: For Starters:  Spinach & Artichoke Dip and Blue Corn Chips, Assorted Veggies, Cheese and Dip  For Main Meal:  Croissant Sandwiches and all the fixings, Fancy Cut/Pressed Out PB&Js (the kids LOVED these), Mini Quiche, Mini Pastries  bagels, muffins and donuts (donuts were a huge hit with the little ones as well).  Spring like salads were the sides - broccoli salad, pasta salad, vinaigrette topped lettuce salad.  

For Drinks:  We created a Beast's Bar sign listing our Prince Eric Punch  apple juice and Sprite, soda and King and Queen Only Options listing coffee, our Bloody Mary Bar, Mimosas, and Bottled Beer.  We had to keep a lot of adults happy and the Punch Bowl Mimosas were gone in no time! For Dessert:  We made a Sleeping Beauty's Sweets Sign and a Princess Aurora cake using the Wilton Bake Pan cake as the dress and a real Barbie.  Katie wanted the pink dress of Princess Aurora so we dyed the frosting pink and decorated the dress with silk purple and pink flowers and purple and pink sparkles.

Because we had so many people, we put Princess Aurora on top of a double layer heart shaped cake we baked, frosted white and decorated the sides with pink and white curling ribbon and Disney Princess heart shaped foil candies.   We also had a chocolate fountain with all kinds of fresh fruit for dipping. The chocolate fountain was a magnet for the kids and adults (three parents said they were going to get one after!) There wasn't a piece of fruit left to be had!

For Games and Activities for 10+ kids:  We wanted to make sure activities were inclusive of the almost half boys attending.

We made a Cinderella and Prince Charming Crown Making Station sign and had markers, stickers, glitter, stampers  of the Disney Princess variety of course  for each of the kids to make. 

We had a number of Disney color pages printed off as well for an additional activity if needed.  We also did a Castle's Reading Cornera sign and area that had three Prince/Princess related books for parents to read with their children.  

And a Aladdin and Princess Jasmine Dress-Up sign and area with a suitcase full of Katie's (and some borrowed prince) and princess many Disney- dress up clothes.  Katie's Great Grandma even got into this activity and wore two feather boas most of the event! These were nice to have for early comers, fast eaters, and to allow parents conversation time while the kids played as well.  

For structured games:  We did Snow White's  Who Fares The Best  Treasure Hunt.  We decorated silver metallic wedding cake bags with labels including three of the Disney Princess with the wording Royal Treasures from Katie's 3rd Birthday Ball to be used for the hunt.  We hid numerous Disney themed craft supplies  stickers, erasers, notebooks, pencils and sharpeners, photo albums etc. outside (served as an early Easter Egg hunt prep too )  

While the kids were out hunting we hung the Prince Eric and Ariel Human-Stuffed sign and Pinata.  It was a pull-string pinata and a GREAT option for the younger aged kids!  We had filled it with Disney Princess fruit snacks, gold chocolate coins, Hershey kissed, candy bracelets, and heart shaped chocolates too.  There treasure hunt bags worked perfectly for holding these treats too and full of toys and treats, became their favor bags as well.  Katie said the Pinata was her favorite thing about her party.  The parents loved the pull string idea as well.  We liked watching the kids rush in for the treats!  

Our thank you notes will be done on pink and purple princess themed computer message and will include a picture of Katie all dressed up that day. As Mom and Dad, our gift to Katie is the re-do of her room in Disney Princess style.  Pink and Purple walls, a custom made quilt with Disney Princess Panels and A Princess Sleeps Here pillowcase, tulle bed curtain crown shaped rug, Disney stick-on cut outs for her walls, pink and white gingham accessories, a hanging fabric shooting star with the words When you wish upon a star done above her window and a pink marabou oval mirror above her dresser with the words Mirror  Mirror on the sides.  

Planning ahead  we spent more time than money probably  and making a lot of things, using clip art and the computer to personalize a lot, in advance, made this party a LOT of fun.  Mommy even had time to relax and enjoy herself, everyone attending and most importantly her daughter! She is indeed our little Princess

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