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Leslie in Cochrane, WI, USA


March 2006


Runner Up

For my daughter's 6th birthday, we planned a Princess Party.  We invited 10 girls. 

For her invitation, I used Disney Princess stationery (found at discount store) and did them on my computer.  Her invited said, Announcing a Royal Celebration    A royal princess party is being held to celebrate the 6th birthday of Princess (daughter's name).    Princess (name of girl invited), Princess (daughter's name) requests the honor of your royal presence at the (your last name) Castle on (your street address) in the kingdom of (your town or city).   Our enchanted birthday party will take place on Saturday, March 4th and will begin at 11:30 am with our celebration concluding around 3:00 pm.  The royal(your last name)carriage can return Princess (name of girl invited) to the (last name of girl invited) castle after the royal festivities have concluded.   The King and Queen request that all princesses planning to be in attendance, please RSVP (phone number).  Princess (daughter's name) looks forward to your attendance at her princess birthday party which promises to be an enchanting time for all.  Optional:  If the princess would like to wear or bring along princess attire to the party that would be fine,  if not Princess (daughter's name) does have extras for dress up fun.  The invitations turned out really cute.  We addressed all the envelopes to Princess (girls first and last name).  We got a lot of compliments on the invites.  

The party was held at our home, in our dining room and in our downstairs family room.  In the family room, we covered the ceiling using banners with pink, purple, red, and white hearts on it (it come in 50 foot lengths, we just cut them to fit and draped them, best part they were 1/2 off Valentine decorations ).  We draped dark and light pink and blue streamers from the ceiling.  We also hung hearts from the ceiling that we cut out of red and pink tagboard and I used glitter glue to write sayings and designs on them like Happy Birthday, a glass slipper, a crown, the Disney Princess names, Wish Upon a Star, Happily Ever After, A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.

We decorated the support poles in the basement with shiny pink star garland and 2 Happy Birthday signs (found the signs on clearance at a party store, they had all princess beauty items on them like lipstick, comb, mirror, jewelry, etc).  We hung a Disney Princess banner that said Princess Party and had Disney Princess cutouts of all the princesses placed on a ledge.  We had helium balloons attached to the open part of the staircase and decorations that said Happy Birthday Princess hanging as the girls come down the stairs. 

We also made a 3-D castle out of appliance boxes (I got 4 stove and dorm size frig boxes for free from a local appliance store). First my older daughter and I painted all the boxes a light gray.  Next on two of the larger boxes we cut an arch doorway on one side and an arch window on the other side, then we added a brick look with a black marker and my daughters add flowers, vines, and butterflies along the bottom.  For the 2 smaller boxes, I drew the brick look and 2 arched windows that I glued 8 X 10 pictures of Cinderella and the Prince, Ariel, Belle and Jasmine (printed off the internet) as if they were looking out the windows.  Then we stacked the smaller boxes on top of the larger boxes so they resembled towers.  For the front of the castle, we used my daughter's MegaBlocks (huge blocks that when put together make a house).  It turned out great and we got a lot of compliments on it. 

The girls had a great time peaking out of the windows.  We have an old family trunk that we decorated and it became the "treasure chest" to hold the gifts until it was time to open them.  For the dining room, we decorated the table in a pink Princess table cloth and ran Princess streamers down the middle.  We set the table in the Cinderella Stardust theme to seat 10 little princesses complete with pink glasses and silverware.  I had matching curling ribbon hanging from the light above the table.  At the head of the table was my daughter's throne decorated with tulle, pink star garland, a princess crown and helium balloons. 

My island in my kitchen was also decorated with a pink table cloth and Princess streamers.  A huge balloon bouquet that was secured by a 3-D Disney Princess Castle ( I got all the princess balloons and castle in a Disney Princess Helium tank set that was on clearance at Wal-Mart) was set in the middle.  This was also the where the cake sat.  I made the cake myself and it turned out great.  It was a 2 tiered Cinderella cake.  For the cake topper, I used the Hallmark x-mas ornament of Cinderella & Prince Charming on their wedding day. (Hallmark ornaments make great cake toppers, I have used Swan Lake, Fairytopia, etc in the past and buy them after x-mas for big savings).  We had helium Princess and Happy Birthday balloons decorating our stair case. Time for the girls to arrive. 

When they arrived, the girls had 3 different stations to rotate.  The first was our mini beauty salon where they got their nails painted and they got to put on lip gloss(my niece helped out here).  The second station was our kids picnic table set up with markers and Disney Princess coloring pages (I printed these off the internet).  This was a big hit, bigger than I expected.  The 3rd station was creating their own princess crown. 

A head of time, I cut the crowns out of gold tagboard (found at Michaels)and I used glitter glue to write Princess (girls name) on it.  Then the girls used more glitter glue and princess foam shapes(also found at Michaels) to make each their own.  If the girls completed all 3 stations, they played in the castle or I had my daughters dress up clothes and vanity set out for pretend fun. 

Next was upstairs for lunch.  We served pizza and chips at my daughters request.  We also served Kool-Aid but the big hit was Hawaiian Punch and Sprite (aka to the girls as punch). 

After lunch, the girls headed back downstairs for some freetime while we cleaned up the kitchen a bit.  I decided on 3 games.  First, we divided the girls into 2 groups.  I thought this would increase their chances of winning a prize.  One group played Pin the Kiss on the Frog Prince ( I drew a frog with a crown on green tag board and lips out of red, we used double stick tape to pin the lips on, I also wrote the girls name on the lips to make it easier to remember whose was who).  The one closest to the frog's mouth won. 

The other group played Tea Party Bingo (I printed bingo cards from www.dltk-cards.com on cardstock for free and used heart confetti for markers).  Then the groups switched. 

After those games were finished all the girls sat in a large circle to play Pass the Glass Slipper (pass a play dress up shoe while reading the story of Cinderella and the girl who ends up with the glass slipper at the end of the story wins a prize).  The prizes were all different things like necklaces, princess sidewalk chalk, princess paddle board, nailpolish, shower gel in a basket decorated with tulle.  I had Princess stickers and bracelets for those girls that didn't win a prize from the games. 

After the games, I had before hand filled two garbage bags with blown up balloons and we dumped them out onto the floor.  The girls had a great time playing with the balloons.  During the entire party, we had a CD player going playing a Disney Princess CD.  While the girls did that, I got ready for cake & ice cream.  We had cake, ice cream, more punch and sang Happy Birthday.  Time for presents!  We have a toy box that looks like a bench all in pink and white.  A perfect place to take group pictures and to open presents.  My daughter sat on the bench and each girl brought up the present they brought and sat there while it was opened.  This also was a great opportunity to take a picture of each of our guests with the birthday girl.  The girls really seemed to enjoy presenting their present. 

After presents, it was time for the Princess pinata.  We did the pull string type since we were princesses.  Inside the pinata, I put candy, necklaces, bouncy balls and rings (most of it, I got 1/2 off after Valentines' Day).  I had little bags for them to put their goodies in.  After, my daughter handed out goody bags to each girl that included a princess activity book, princess fruit snacks, and princess stickers tucked into a Cinderella bag.  That was it, all over. 

The party lasted 3 1/2 hours and the girls were kept busy the entire time.  It was a lot of work but a lot of fun.  It helps to have some extra bodies, my mom and one of the girls mom stayed to help out.  Big help, when it came time for lunch and cake.  I did a lot of research on the internet for different ideas and came up with a party that worked for us without spending a fortune. We are also sending princess thank you cards (also from dltk-cards.com, I did the black/white version and my daughter colored them and signed her name) and including a group picture to each girl.

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