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Denise in Bainbridge, PA, USA


November 2005


Special Mention

For my daughter's seventh birthday she wanted to have a princess party. We had been to many other princess parties and I wanted her party to be unique and special so we decided to have an Ultimate Princess Party.

We started with invitations, I had found some wonderful stationary that could go into the computer. It had lovely decorations on it, so we added the following text: Hear ye, Hear ye Princess name of the House of last name requests the honor of your presence in the celebration of her seventh birthday. Gowns, crowns and castles too. Nothing short of a Royal Celebration will do!!!!! Join us for some magical times and royal treats fit for a Princess. Followed by the where, when, and RSVP information. All the girls were invited to come dressed in a princess gown and be ready for fun. Each invitation had a Disney princess sticker at the bottom. The stickers were on a roll from Oriental Trading Company.

On party day, my son was dressed up as a doorman. We had a red carpet rolled out for the princess' to walk on for their entrance. As each girl made her entrance, the doorman said, "Announcing the arrival of Princess girl's name." The girls then were invited to sign the guest book with a feather pen. While we were waiting for all the guest to arrive, they could play Disney Princess Hopscotch or Wishing Well- a game where the girls threw wishes (ping-pong balls) into the wishing well (Disney princess tin).

Once all of the girls arrived, we started the party fun. I was dressed up and played the roll of the Lady in Waiting. The first thing we did was have Princess Lessons. The Princess were taught to, walk with a book balanced on their head, curtsy, twirl and wave like a princess. The girls really liked this part of the party. They even quizzed each other as to how to do each item. When the lessons were completed, we started the Quest to earn the gemstones and the characters of a princess. During the quest the princess must overcome challenges to show they are worthy to become princess's. Challenge 1- Paying attention to details.

We played PIN THE CROWN ON THE PRINCESS (a.k.a. Pin the tail on the Donkey) the Princess whose crown is the closest to the correct spot is the winner.

And PRINCESS BELLE'S TEA SET RELAY using two small children's tea sets, two teams race each other to set the tea tray at the finish line relay style. Each princess takes a piece of the tea set to the tray and comes back to "tag" the next girl to take a piece. The first team with a complete set wins. When the challenge was complete, the Princess got a clue where to look to find the first hidden gemstone, the Ruby (character trait protection). At this point the girls looked around and found the gemstone. I had given each girl a drawstring pouch to carry and collect her genstones. When all the girls had their gems in the pouches. We continued with Challenge 2- Quick thinking and a good memory.

We played PRINCESS JASMINE'S NOW YOU HAVE IT, NOW YOU DON'T -This game is played by passing out princess cards to each player. There are three wrapped gifts in the center of the circle. When a princess card is called, any player having the matching princess card picks a present. The first player picks from the center (were up to  six presents are grouped). The second player may choose a present from the center or from the first player. Play continues until all the players are out of cards. The three players left holding packages gets to keep them.

And MAGICAL MUSICAL CARPETS, this is played like musical cahirs, but played with carpet squares. The last player with a carpet is the winner. When the challenge was completed the Princess got a clue where to look to find the second hidden gemstone, the Sapphire (character trait  wisdom). Again, once the girls have their gems in the pouches, we continued with Challenge 3 to see the unseen.

We played PRINCESS SNOW WHITE'S PASS THE MAGIC GEMSTONE- the girls stand in a circle with cupped hands, one princess secretly passes the gemstone to another princess. Then she returns to her place in the circle, the princess to her left tries to guess who has the gemstone. If she guesses correctly, she takes a turn to pass the gemstone. If the guess is incorrect, the princess who was guessed tries to guess who is holding the gemstone.

And PRINCESS ARIEL SAYS (a.k.a. Simon says). The last player remaining is the winner. When this challenge was complete the Princess's got a clue where to look to locate the third hidden gemstone, the Amethyst (character trait love and healing). Again, once all the girls had their gems in the pouches we continued with challenge 4 to open your mind.

We played PRINCESS CINDERELLA'S WHERE ARE THE SLIPPERS In this game, the princesses pass a wrapped package to music, when the music stops, the Princess holding the package gets to unwrap a layer of the wrapping. The Princess finding the slippers (in two different layers) receive prizes.

And CINDERELLA'S FREEZE DANCE using Disney princess music, the music was played and the girls danced around when the music stops they must freeze in their best princess pose. When this challenge was complete the Princess's got a clue where to look to locate the fourth hidden gemstone, the Emerald (character trait faith and hope). Again, once the girls had them gemstones in their pouches, we continued on to challenge 5 to overcome fear.

We played PRINCESS AURORA'S LAND OF DRAGONS- in this game, the Princess must search high and low for hidden dragon cards. Once all of the cards are found the Princess's got the final clue. This clue revealed the location of the hidden favor purses.

The treat boxes contained a necklace, earrings, a lip stick, a kit to make candy necklaces, Disney Princess stickers (Belle, Snow White, Aurora, Ariel, Cinderella) from the roll used on the invitations, and a ring pop. The girls got to keep the plastic gem stones (found at the dollar store) and the favor boxes.

After the quest was over, we had the party celebrations with the cake, ice cream and princess punch (kool-aid and lemon/lime soda). The party table was set with plastic pink glasses that we added the girl's names and gems added to. Each girl's place was marked with a flower picture frame (with gems on it) that said, "Thank you Princess girls name, for coming to my party."

For decorations, we had helium balloons (pink and cream) floating at the ceiling with the strings hanging down. The royal table was made up with streamers and garland, the cups, picture frames and disney princess figurines. I also made princess hangers (with two disney princess calendars)I rubber cemented the matching picture backs together and hung them from the ceiling.

This party was lots of fun and the girls all felt special. Including opening the presents, this party took 2 hours. We had a great time and it was a unique party, our ultimate Princess party.

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