Dance Party

Disco Party -10yr- Karaoke & Limbo




Tracey in Smithville, OH USA


September 2010


Honorable Mention

Disco Party for 10 year old  My daughter wanted a Dance party before school started again so she and her friends could all get together.  We decided to go with a disco theme, and transformed our garage into Jillian's Disco!  It took quite a bit of work, but we did it fairly cheap. 

INVITATION: We found the perfect invitation on ebay, ordered a digital file and printed out invitations that looks like silhouettes of girls dancing beneath a disco ball. 

DECORATIONS:  The first step to transforming our garage into a disco was to cover up all of the walls with plastic black tablecloth, which I cut from a roll.  The tablecloth was hung from ceiling to floor around the garage and it helped darken the garage nicely since it did not get dark very early.  Then I wrapped the rafters in the garage with colored Christmas lights.  Our garage is not attached to our house, so outside we strung white lights from the garage, around the patio, through the trees and back to the house. 

I found a bunch of party supplies on clearance for $0.75 each at our local party store.  We bought these shimmering star streamers that were 6 tall, and hung them from the rafters in the corners.  Also on clearance were Rock and Roll banners.  We had and borrowed a lot of cool lights for the party.  The front part of the disco was for dancing, so we placed 2 disco balls that light up and spin on either side of the room.  

We also had a pink beacon light, static ball and neon sign.  The back part of the disco was set up for the DJ (her dad) and snacks.  We hung black lights in this area, and set fiber optic lights around.  Our DJ took his laptop out to stream appropriate music videos karaoke style. 

For the dance floor, I purchased a roll of vinyl flooring that looked like a wooden floor in the clearance bin at Lowes.  Above the dance floor, we hung silver stars and small mirror balls (we lucked out and found a garland of 2 mirror balls at a garage sale for 50 cents). 

ACTIVITIES:  When the girls arrived, there parents came in also and were amazed!  We took them over to a table were they could pick out glow rings and glow necklaces.  We also had sparkly silver beaded necklaces.  We showed them a neat trick with highlighters they glow under our black light.  We let them create their own glowing tattoos on their hands. 

GAMES:  One thing we did not count on was that the girls were too embarrassed to actually dance!  They sang karaoke though, and we filled in the rest of the time with some fun games.  We did the limbo on the dance floor, and then a few rounds of freeze dance too.  We used our glow board to play pictionary.  I had made a list of dance related items for them to draw ahead of time.  This was a big hit we had to play it twice!  I had been saving jars for the past few weeks and decorated the lids with paint and lightening bug stickers. 

Each girl wrote their name on the lid, and we had a contest for catching lightening bugs.  The girls did this on and off throughout the night to see who could catch the most.  We also did a version of red light, green light outside.  We took our novelty traffic light out and the girls would have to run from one end of the yard to the light only when it flashed green!  They LOVED this game and wanted to do it several times!  I had also saved back some sparklers from the 4th of July.  We had candles set out on our patio table where the girls could light them and then run and dance around the yard. 

PARTY SNACKS: For food we had a punch bowl filled with sherbet punch, puppy chow mix and popcorn to start off with.  Later on in the evening, we brought out mini pizza bagels and pizza rolls. The last part of the evening we went to the fire pit and roasted marshmallows and made smores.  Campfire songs were sung and scary stories were told!  We also had water bottles for everyone because they were very thirsty! 

FAVORS: Right before they left party, I had them sit on the dance floor.  I had been keeping track of all the games played and who had won them.  We had played enough games that everyone was a winner and I passed out prizes for each game or contest.  Our prizes varied from inflatable guitars, light up lei's, mini glitter night light lamps and sparkly nail polish.

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