Dance Party

Slumber-Disco Party -12yr- Truth or Dare




Stacie in Nashville, Tennessee U.S.A.


October 2008


Special Mention

INVITATIONS: For the invitations we made them on the computer on Microsoft Publisher. We had writing in hot pink saying, You're Invited to (Child's Name Here)'s Disco Party!!" The font was Billo but the apostrophes were Kristen ITC. In the middle of "You're Invited" and "to (Child's Name here)'s Disco Party!!" was a picture of a disco ball saying "Disco" in the middle. (where to find that pic:    http://media.jukebo.com/quizz/q15-Disco.jpg     ) on the left side in the middle when you open it we wrote (in the pattern of pink black pink black pink black) we wrote who the party's for then the date then the time then the place then R.S.V.P. Then we wrote right below the R.S.V.P. "Wanna get yo groove on? Come to (Child's Name Here)'s house and have a fun energized party with amazing food and people and just for fun wear either your best outfit or as preferred dress 80s STYLE!!" (All of this was in the font Billo). On the right page was a purple picture with a disco ball and writing that said "Party!" Below it. (I'd tell you the link to that but I can't find it but you can just go to www.google.com and click on images and type disco or something like that). Then on the back it says disco up and down (with the s in either one being shared like scrabble and the d's s's and o's would be pink the rest black).

For my daughter's 12th birthday we had 2 of her friends come over the Friday before the party. Then They did their hair together and listened to some music. When they were finished getting ready my husband and I took them to the mall. My husband and I went and did some shopping then (since my daughter has a cell phone) my daughter would call us if something happened. (Plus she was with 2 friends and it was in a very close mall.) Then they went and got manicures pedicures and facials then did whatever shopping. When we were done shopping (all of us) we'd take the girls home and they'd get into their PJs. Then we'd watch a couple movies then they'd have a sleepover! The next morning they had chocolate chip pancakes with eggs and bacon. Then they did whatever until it was time for her party at 3 till 9 because we thought it'd be more fun at night.

DECORATIONS: For decorations we decided to use our basement. We took black blankets and we hung them on all our windows so it'd be dark. Then we dusted and vacuumed the basement and put a radio over by the corner and popped in a dew of our daughter's favorite CDs. Then we put pink and purple lava lamps in every corner of our basement. Then we put green orange and pink bean bags through out the room. Then we hung a disco ball form the ceiling and set up games.

FOOD/PARTY SNACKS: For the snacks we would want a big meal or just one thing cuz it's a disco party so we went and got a vegetable platter fruit platter a punch bowl 2 or 3 pizzas breadsticks and my daughter's favorite candy in separate dishes. We got a large table and table cloth and put it on. Then we set the food scattered up and moved on to setting up games.

GAMES/ACTIVITIES: For games we played Bobbing for Apples Marshmallows POP Goes Your Balloon American Idol with Dancing and Truth or Dare. We have this huge bucket that we fill about 3/4 full with water then put about 1 to 2 dozen apples in. Depending on who and how many want apples that's when we put them in. On Marshmallows everybody had to pair up with somebody. Then they tied their shoelaces together or put an elastic/ponytail holder around each other hooking each other's ankles. Then we shouted "On your mark get set GO!!" And they had to work together to get to the finish line which was easy tear crepe paper. On POP Goes Your Balloon we filled up balloons with lip stick candy and other objects that would fit the theme. For American Idol with Dancing my daughter had a cordless microphone that she used and we'd either keep playing her CDs or change to the radio and the people that wanted to sing got to sing to the radio/CDs. If they wanted they could throw in their own dance moves. And Truth or Dare is something you already know about. :-)

COSTUMES: For costumes as said on the invitation we told them to either dressed like going to a regular disco party or as preferred 80s style. Pretty soon guests started arriving. While they were waiting for others to show up they just talked and hung out. When everybody arrived we said "Okay everybody this a party so the ONLY rules are no fighting and HAVE FUN!! WHOO!!" We looked around to make sure everybody was happy and they were. After about a half hour of talking we could see they were getting bored so we asked if they wanted to play some games.

First we told them to line up with a Buddy to play Marshmallows. When that was done they'd play Bobbing for Apples then we'd just ask them to vote for the next game on out white board. In the middle of the games we'd tell them to just hang out again while we got ready for more games. Then we went upstairs and took our counter and put a table cloth on it too. Since we didn't want to get cake we made an ice cream bar. We had strawberry chocolate and vanilla flavors. We put bowls at the very beginning before the ice cream and spoons at the end. Then we put different varieties of sprinkles on the counter in little dishes. We'd have nuts crunched up in a bowl too. Then we'd make some hot fudge and buy caramel and put those in bowls.

Then we'd call them up and tell them no more than one scoop of each until we figure out and call for seconds. They got in a line and grabbed their bowls. They scooped up ice cream and put on toppings then sat down and ate. Then they had seconds. When they were finished they went back downstairs and played more games. Then we opened gifts and played POP Goes Your Balloon (The balloon also had their favors).

PARTY FAVORS: In a bag with disco balls it's have a keychain with a disco ball connected to it candy candy bracelets and a glo stick or 2. Then we did whatever until I had to take them home or their parents picked them up. When they were gone my husband and I cleaned up and the 2 girls that stayed had another slumber party and got in our hot tub for 45 minutes or so. Then they went and changed then just talked and ate some snacks and had another slumber party.


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