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Diva Dance Party -8yr- Freeze Dance Game




Anna in Sunnyvale, CA USA


July 2011


Special Mention

DIVA DANCE Party (8 year old girls) Our daughter requested a dance party for her 8thbirthday. At this age I thought they would not be self-conscious about dancing and they loved it. We had 15 girls (long story but thought it was better to invite all the girls in the class and then some of her other friends from outside school.) Not sure if I would have that many girls again! 

INVITATIONS: I chose a sparkly hot pink cardstock & matching envelope and chose a clipart of a disco ball & a lady with a swirly scarf and dress and bought stick on jewel stars from Michael’s and scattered them by the lady like a starry night. On it we printed off on our laser printer; Club [our last name] presents: [birthday girl's name] 8th Birthday Diva Dance party. Divas get ready to groove to the beat and dance to the rhythm! DJ [husband’s name] will be spinning the music at [address and date & time] Dinner will be served. RSVP regrets only.

For thank you notes, we used the same hot pink cardstock with the same diva lady, with thank you written on the front, and included a photo of each diva with the birthday girl with a city scape night background that my two girls, 8 & 10, painted with real Christmas lights.  

DECORATIONS: My girls who are 8 & 10 helped me paint a large cardboard that I bought at a local packing store that you can use for background scenery for school plays and I wrapped it with recycled black paper I got from one of their teacher’s classroom. They painted a night cityscape with white tempura paint with a moon and then we strung Christmas lights. We propped that on the back wall of our living room to use as a backdrop for thank you photos later and just for decoration.

I purchased shimmery irridescent pink door hangers and then matching iridescent skirting for the buffet table. I had light pink vinyl table cloth left over from another birthday on top buffet/dining table. I sprinkled hot pink star confetti over the table so the back had all the gifts that came in and the front part of the table had the snacks & food. I put two clear glass vases from Ikea  (super cheap) with 3 hot pink gerber daisies in each vase.

On the back wall where I put the buffe I had hung hot pink stars bought at the party store interlaced with feather boas. I also had hot pink and light pink with hot pink tipped feather boas hanging on our panelled glass doors. When it was time to do the dance each girls got a feather boa. I got the feather boas cheap on line for a little over a dollar when the local party stores sell them for over $5 each. We also hign a disco ball and rented a cheap spot light for $15 and a real light show for $20 that we put on the entire time. We hung irridescent streamers of pink & white across the room like a carousel formation. I bought hot pink dinner plates and cake plates to match the décor. 

ACTIVITIES/ CRAFTS: When the guests first came in they decorated hot pink bags from the Dollar Store with glittery puffy paint and glued huge sparkly jewels on them. 


1) Musical Stars. Played dance/pop songs like musical chairs/hubabaloo but they had to stand on stars placed on the floor. 

2) FREEZE DANCE the girls were their own judges on this game. We just had to stop the music.

3) DIVA RELAY: girls were split into two teams. Then ran around  the room, had to do one round of hula hoop then get dressed in their diva out fit before they ran and tagged their teammate. The diva outfit was a sparkly diva hat, feather boa, sunglasses and a ring. 

4) NAIL SALON: I got sparkly nail polish that was DBP and fourmelyde free and painted the girsl fingernails. While they were waiting the girls decided to do a FASHION SHOW with all their gear and afterwards we video taped them as they struck their diva pose at the end to Katy Perry’s California Girls (we live in Norcal). The girls had a great time doing that. 

5) DANCE: after dinner the girls just danced while we waited for the parents to come pick them up.

SNACKS/FOOD: I made marshmellows dipped in pale pink white chocolate and glittery sprinkles using candy sticks =kind of like cake pops (all from Michael’s except the marshmellows) and put them in clear glasses on the buffet table like bunches of flowers. I had pink cotton candy in a clear glass container and kettle corn in silver buckets. I also had white yogurt covered pretzels from Trader Joe’s. Dinner was eggrolls, corn dogs and crudités: cucumbers, red bell peppers and green beans cut up and served in glasses. We also had mocktinis pink strawberry syrup with pelligrino served I real wine glasses with strawberry pop rocks on the rim. It was a hit! 

CAKE: I made pink lemonade  with hot pink tinted butter cream  frosting and pink velvet cupcakes with light pink tinted butter cream frosting. I also sprinkled it with edible silver glitter stars (Wilton’s at Michael’s) and a ring pop in the middle.

FAVORS: So part of the party games were also their favors, they each got a feather boa, diva sparkly hat, sunglasses, a giant jewel ring, nail polish all in their hot pink tote bag that they decorated for their craft.

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