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Disco Club -12yr- Take A Candy & Tell Us About You




Bobette in America


January 2011


Honorable Mention

For my daughter's 12 birthday party, she wanted to have a disco party, because she loves to dance. So, we did!

INVITATIONS: We sent a flier to 10 of her best friends (9 came) that said when the party was.  You're invited to The (enter last name here) Disco Club! Friday, January 14th at 6:30pm. And it said all the information. The party was from 6:30-10:30. 

DECORATIONS: I decorated the house while my daughter was at school, and I put disco balls and banners all over the house. We made a sign for the front door that said  (Last name here) Disco Club! And it had a disco ball in the middle. I put a disco ball in the living room where the dance floor" was. We moved a lot of furniture out of the room so there was more room to dance. I hung up colorful cds in the den where the girls played Just Dance. I also put 2 lava lamps and and a peace sign tye dye pillow on the mantle below the cds.

On the chandelier in the dining room I put mini disco balls hanging from it (mini disco ball ornaments). I also put a tablecloth on the table that said "Disco Fever". We had a table in the living room where we had my daughter's iPod touch hooked up to some speakers so the music would be loud. We also put a lava lamp in the living room. We borrowed the disco ball in the living room and the lights to shine on it but we bought a thing that makes it rotate at a party supply store. I put a sign in sheet by the front door so the girl's parents could put their phone numbers so I could contact them if I needed to and we had glow sticks beside the sign in sheet so the girls could take 4 when they arrived.   

When everyone arrived we played a game to introduce everyone since some girls didn't know each other. We passed around a bowl of candy and everyone took 3-5 pieces. For every piece they had to tell something about them self. They also had to make up a name for them self starting with the letter their name started with. For example:  My name is Silly Sarah. (Candy #1) I like to read. (Candy #2)I have 2 cats. (Candy #30 I love things that sparkle. (Candy #4) I love to play dolls. (Candy #5) I love to take ballet and jazz classes. Then everyone would know a little about one another.

After the game I took pictures of everyone around my daughter then everyone trying to hold up my daughter. They were really cute and funny! After that they ate cake and chips and had punch. Her cake was bright orange with a pink border around it two tiered (1 tier chocolate 1 tier white) and it had silhouettes of people dancing around the bottom tier and lime green peace signs around the top tier. The top of the cake had a big sparkly 12 on it since my daughter is in love with sparkles. Everyone thought it was so cool. I got it at a fancy cake shop near where I live. While they were eating my daughter opened her cards. (She asked for donations for a cancer cause she is supporting instead of presents) She got a total of $120 for her cause and $40 for herself.

After eating everyone went to the dance floor and dancef for about 3 minutes until my daughter yelled for everyone to BE QUIET so she could explain what they were going to do next.  She split everyone into 3 groups 2 groups of 3 and 1 group of 4. Group 1 her group with 4 people in it stayed in the dance room to make up a dance. The other 2 groups went to the den to play just dance until their turn to make up a dance.

About 5 minutes into that the girls playing Just Dance got bored and wondered into the living room to hurry up group 1. Group 2 actually kicked group 1 out of the living room and made group 1 go to my daughters room. Some of the girls were'nt sharing or respecting others but they worked it out where group 1 (my daughter's group) got to go to my daughter's room and dance to a cd;  group 2 stayed in the living room and used my daughter's iPod,  and group 3 went into the den and used a cd just like group 1. It all worked out in the end. It took them about an hour and a half for everyone to get their dance finished and perform them to the other groups.

The groups voted and group 3 won. (My daughter's group was a little disappointed because they worked really hard and used the whole song unlike group 3 who danced to half of the song and they said the birthday girl's group should have won.) After that 2 girls left a little early and the other girls danced around and just hung out for another 15 minutes until everyone left. Then 1 girl stayed the night and they stayed up talking and watching tv until they fell asleep about 12:00. (They said they were staying up until 1:00 but they were really tired and fell asleep.)

The next day my daughter and the girl who stayed played dolls and helped clean up a little and danced a little more. We had blueberry muffins for breakfast and McDonald's for lunch. The other girl left at 1:00. Over all everyone had a great time and said it was the best party ever! I had fun watching my daughter have fun with her friends! I can't wait until next year! "

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