Cookie Decorating Party

Christmas Cookie (2-8yr) Cocoa Station




Kara in Naples, FL


January 2006



Christmas Cookie Decorating Party  I held a cookie decorating party for my daughter and her friends (ages 2-8). 

The invitaions had a gingerbread man on the front, indicating the theme. When the children arrived, I had a CD with children singing Christmas carols playing.  I had a table set up with stationary, crayons and pencils, stickers, and pre-addressed envelopes for "Letters to Santa". 

At another table was pages from a Christmas colring book and crayons for the kids to color while we waited for everyone to arrive. 

For the party, I set up card tables and taped Christmas wrapping paper on the top for a festive look and easy clean up!  Every table had holiday colored sprinkles, white frosting, and paper plates with gingerbread men and holiday sugar cookie cut outs for each child. 

After the kids finished decorating their cookie, I wrapped the cookies in red saran wrap and placed them in a take home bag with a gingerbread man wearing a chef's hat on it. 

The food consisted of a buffet set up on child size tables, decorated with wrapping paper, for easy access for the children.  I also had a hot cocoa station with plastic mugs to fill decorated with a gingerbread man.

The cocoa station had bowls filled with mini marshmallows, cany swizzle sticks, peppermint candy canes, and whip cream for topping the cocoa.  There was a carafe with water and individual packets of cocoa for do- it- yourself service for the older kids and a pre-mixed carafe for the little ones who needed help. 

The party favor was a gingerbread man covered plastic bag filled with holiday themed toys and candy.  I added a Christmas tree ornament that was a cookie cutter, tied with a red ribbon. 

All the kids had a geat time and we are gpong to make it a annual tradition!

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