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Devon in Lawton, OK  USA


Jan. 2004



Cookie Decorating Party 

My 5 year old wanted to decorate cookies so I made invitations that looked like a  receipe card. (ex. List ingredients:  You and 6 more people, 1 Birthday girl- Child's  Name, Lots of fun and laughter, Colored sprinkles and sugar, Lots of Frosting, A little  creativity.  Directions:  1. Meet at , Sunday, November 18th, 2:00-4:00 p.m., 2.  Roll up your sleeves and gather around the table for fun., 3.  Become a baker and  put your imagination to work.) 

Every baker needs an apron so prior to the party I purchased an apron for each child.   I put their names on them.   As soon as the guest arrived my daughter greeted them  with their apron. 

They iced big sugar cookies purchased from Wal-Mart (they were  great for icing) with icing and all kinds of toppings.  Several adult hands are very  helpful!  I gave each child 3 cookies to decorate and then put them on a plate to take  home.  

When the cookies were done the children decorated their aprons.  The adults painted  several sponges in different colors and let the children stamp their aprons.  They  loved their creations!  (The rubber sponges work the best and make sure to use fabric  paint.)

Instead of cake I got a cookie cake with icing.  I  also thought  you could let the  children decorate the cookie before eating.  They ate cookie and ice cream while the  aprons were drying.  

Lastly, I purchased one other thing for party favors because Hobby-Lobby had  stickers 1/2 price.  Therefore, the children had cookies, and apron,  a package of  baking stickers, and a lot of memories to take home!!

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