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Pink & Blue Party -13yr- Color Dress-up Relay




Jillian in Pompton Plains, NJ, USA


December 2004



Pink & Blue Party 13 Years Old.......For my 13th birthday, I had a Pink and Blue party, since I love those 2 colors.  I hope my ideas help you! 

INVITATIONS: I cut out a rectangle from white paper, and then I cut out 2 smaller rectangles out of pink and blue paper and glued it onto the white rectangle, so you couldn't see any white and half of the rectangle was blue and the other half pink.  Then, I typed the information on the computer.  Half of my guests we on the Blue team and the other half was on the Pink team.  I told them which team they were on.  The typed part was like this.  NAME WOULD LIKE TO INVITE YOU TO THEIR PINK AND BLUE BIRTHDAY BASH! YOU ARE ON THE COLOR TEAM! PLEASE COME DRESSED IN THAT COLOR.  THE CELEBRATION IS BEING HELD AT ADDRESS FROM DATE AT TIME TO DATE AT TIME. TO RSVP, CALL PHONE NUMBER BY DATE.

I cut it out with decorative scrapbooking stickers and I glued that in the middle.  But I wasn't satisfied.  I got pink and blue letter stickers and on the pink side, I spelled out PINK ROCKS and on the blue side I spelled out BLUE IS COOL.  And then, to make it look really pretty, I punch holes every inch around the invitation.  On the pink side, I threaded through blue ribbon.  On the blue side, I threaded through pink ribbon.  Voila!  Just mail and wait for your guests to tell you how lovely the invitation was. 

DECORATIONS:  I put up blue and pink streamers, balloons, a blue tablecloth with pink tableware for the main table, and I scattered blue and pink pillows, rugs, and blankets throughout the party room.  I made a buffet table that was opposite the main table, so it had a pink tablecloth and blue tableware.  I put out pink lemonade and blue lemonade (tinted with blue food coloring), chocolate cupcakes with pink and blue frosting, chips with blue and pink dip (thanks to food coloring), and blue (raspberry) and pink (cherry) jello jigglers. 

THE PARTY:  When the guests came, we had regular old pizza.  Next, we had a scavenger hunt.  Each girl had a blue or pink (depending on their team color)bag, from the dollar store.  They had to go around and find as many things they could that was the same color as their color and put it in the bag.  The person with the most things in their bag on each team won a prize.  The blue team winner got a blue necklace, and the pink team winner got a pink necklace.  Then, whatever team had the most items combined got a prize.  If the blue team won, they would all get a Crunch bar, since the wrapper is blue.  If the pink team won, they would get a box of candy hearts for Valentine's day, since the box is pink. 

Next, we played a game that was called Fast Manicure.  Each team got 3 bottles of nail polish.  The blue team got light blue, white, and dark blue.  The pink team got green, light pink, and dark pink.  The blue team had to make a white cloud outlined in dark blue, and the background had to be light blue.  The pink team had to make a dark pink flower with a light pink circle in the middle, and the background had to be green.  Each team had to do everyone's fingernails.  The group that finished first won a prize.  However, you had to let your nails dry and you had to be able to see what it was, not just a blob of nail polish.  If the blue team won, they got a bottle of light blue nail polish.  If the pink team won, they got a bottle of light pink nail polish. 

Next, we made blue bracelets, necklaces, etc.  This was one of our crafts.  I had blue beads in every shape and size.  All of the guests made jewelry out of blue beads, even if they were on the pink team. 

Next, we had cake.  It was a chocolate cake with blue frosting stars.  We also had pink parfaits after that (I got the recipe from a book). After that, we opened presents. 

Next, we made Pink Lemonade Lip Gloss, which was another craft.  To make it, cream together 1 cup of solid shortening and 1/2 powdered pink lemonade mix in a glass measuring cup.  Then, microwave on high for 2-3 minutes, or until the substance has melted.  Finally, put the mixtures into containers, such as old lip gloss containers or film canisters. 

After that, we did a Color Relay Race.  There was a long table at one end of the room, that jewelry on it.  The guests were to stand with their teams at the other end of the room, along with a big pile of oversized clothing.  Each team had a shirt, pants, hat, and a set of pajamas.  On the table was a bracelt, ring, and necklace, one set blue, one set pink.  One by one, the girls on the team had to put on the pants, shirt, pajamas over it, and hat, run to the table, put on the jewelry, run back to their team, take the clothes off, run to the table, take the jewelry off, and run back to their team.  Whichever team had all of their teammates do that first, won.  If the blue team won, I gave them a blue bandana.  If the pink team won, I gave them a pink bandana. 

Finally, we settled down for a movie.  I said sorry to the blue team, because this movie was pink oriented.  We watched Legally Blonde.  While doing that, we did our final craft.  I gave the blue team blue pillowcases and pink fabric markers and I gave the pink team pink pillowcases and blue fabric markers.  They were free to doodle and write on their pillowcases if they got bored watching the movie.  In the morning, I had waffles, blueberries, and strawberries.  I gave them their goody bags and then it was time to say goodbye! 

GOODY BAGS:  I had a blue cellophane bag filled with blue lipgloss, a small blue hairbrush, a blue notebook, and a pen that had blue ink for the blue team.  I had a pink cellophane bag filled with a small pink hairbrush, a pink notebook, a pen that wrote in pink ink, and a a couple of red Hershey Kisses (I didn't put pink lip gloss because that was one of their crafts). 


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