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Yellow Smiley Face Theme -1yr- Birthday Journal




Heather in Orlando, FL USA


March 2005


Honorable Mention

For my daughter's first Birthday I choose a Smiley face theme, because she has a cute little round face and the sweetest smile.

For the Invitations I cut out yellow circles,(using my scrapbooking tools)and drew a smiley face on them with black marker. I wrote on the bottom, "You're Invited....". Then I wrote the invitation information on the computer, printed it out, cut out the invitation information in circles slightly smaller than the yellow circles. I glued the information to the back of the smiley face.  

We chose to have the party at our local park, because our home wasn't big enough to hold all the people we invited. It was perfect weather for Fl in March. The high was 70 degrees  

For the cake, I decided to do cup cakes since it is easier to transport to the park, and you don't have to use forks to eat it. I decorted them by icing them with lemon yellow icing. I then piped eyes and a smiley mouth with icing that I dyed using the black icing paste by Wilton. On four cup cakes I wrote "Happy 1st Birthday B----" placed them in the middle of a cookie sheet with the smiley cup cakes surround it.  

The rest of the food was Strawberries and Banannas with fruit dip. Carrot sticks and celery with ranch dressing. Sliced cheddar and crackers, and spinach dip. All foods you can eat with your hands. For drinks we had yellow lemonaid and water.   

For decorations I had white plastic table cloths, yellow streamers and yellow balloons. The center piece was five hellium balloons, that I drew smiley faces on. There were plain yellow plates and plain yellow napkins. I took yellow Silo cups and drew smiley faces on those.   

For a game for the older children I created a clue treasure hunt. I gave them a slip of paper with a clue on it, that would lead them to the next clue until they found the "treasure". We hid them all around the park. The treasure was the goodie bags.   

The goodie bags contained play-dough, a smiley face pencil, tootsie pop, smiley face sticker sheet, and a crayon stick that looks like a glue stick. There were two older girls so I put in theirs, pretty soap from Bath and Body works, stationary, a book mark, and the tootise pop.

I know that all the favors were not very consistant with the theme, but there were kids of varying ages, and I wanted them to have something that they would enjoy. I have found that many of the "smiley" products are kind of junkey in my opinion. I also needed to keep within my budget.      

We also had a Birthday journal for our daughter, where everyone wrote a special message in it, so she can read it one day when she is old enough.  

This is a very simple party to do, very inexpensive. I am sure that if I had the finances I could get really carried away with this theme. It was a lot of fun!

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