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Pink & Purple Party -6yr- Decorate Crowns & Wands




Laury in Grand Rapids, MI, USA


Jan. 2004


Honorable Mention

For my daughter's Pink and Purple Party (6th birthday)

We made up invitations with purple flowers and pink ballerinas and this poem in the center of the card...  You are invited through paper and ink to a Birthday party that's purple and pink Not blue, not orange, not red, not green Pink and Purple are on the scene Wear ________'s favorite colors from head to toe we'll have a great party, come rain, sleet, or snow. 

Three things that my daughter really wanted to do at her party were; dance, paint, and make ribbon wands. So, we had ballerinas and ballerina costumes, trinket boxes for the girls to paint, and ribbon wands for them to decorate.   It was really fun pulling these colors throughout the house (including purple soap and pink towels in the bathroom). 

I bought pink and purple streamers, curling ribbon, balloons, and metalic stars in assorted sizes at the party store and used them to hang from the chandelier, the front door, the party chairs, and the mantel. 

At the party table were homemade party crowns. Using purple wire with foil stars I made a loop to crown the head and tied long lengths of purple and pink curling ribbon at the back.  Pink leis were on each chair back and in the center of the table were pink and purple party horns set in a pink bowl with purple curling ribbon pouring out of it. 

The wands were ready to decorate and assemble, I traced one of the small stars that I bought for a decoration onto purple card stock and cut out two stars for each girl then wrote each of their names on them - these acted as place markers. 

They decorated them with pink heart glitter and curling ribbon. When they were ready, we taped them to balloon sticks that I had found at the party store and had laced ribbon through (they are like large straws only more rigid). 

Next we painted the trinket boxes. My daughter picked out heart shaped paper mache trinket boxes (only 50 cents each). We bought little lidded paint containers and filled them with pink and purple tempra paint prior to the party.  Even with only two paint colors each box was so unique! Each girl was given her own paint brush set and these were included in their "goodie bags". 

Inside each box I surprised the girls with a couple of pink jeweled rings. My friends 14 year old daughter and one of her dancer friends vollunteered to dance for the girls "on pointe" and had a little ballet class for them.  She also brought a bunch of her old recital costumes for the girls to dress up in and let them try on her pointe shoes. The big ballerina's were pink from head to toe.  I have a feeling they will be invited back to perform again next year!  

After pink and purple birthday cake and presents, the girls had time for a little more dancing.  Each girl left with her trinket box, rings, a crown, a wand, paints and paint brushes, a flowerd necklace, and a Barbie sticker set. We took a group picture with them all dressed up and used that for the front of the thank you notes and we took a picture of the birthday girl with each of her guests as she open their gift and included that inside the card. 

This was an easy and rewarding party!  Definitely one that she will remember!

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