Color Favorite Party

Blue Birthday -4yr- Blue Ribbon 4 Most Bluest




Pam in San Diego, CA  USA


March 2003


Honorable Mention

My son, who was turning 4 asked for a blue birthday party, because it was his favorite color. 

INVITATIONS:  I printed out in blue ink on light blue paper the party information, including "Please come wearing the color blue".  I cut them out and then let my son fingerpaint on them with blue paint of course.  After they dried I glued them onto dark blue paper. 

DECORATIONS:  Everything was blue!  I made a blue Happy Birthday banner with each letter separate, then tied them together with curly ribbon.  I also made blue windsocks.  I bought blue foamboard and then my son sat down with blue sparkle glue and blue pom poms and decorated it.  I glued the ends together and hung blue ribbons and streamers on them.  We hung them on trees.  A few in the front yard to greet the guests and a few in the backyard to keep the theme flowing.  I drew a squiggly line with blue chalk leading up to the front door. 

There were light and dark blue balloons all over.  I cut out the birthday boy's name and a bunch of balloons (with ribbons tied to them) out of various shades of blue paper.  I taped them to the back sliding glass door (mostly so no one would run into the door).  The seving table was covered in a blue tablecloth.  I wrapped boxes of different sizes in blue wrapping paper and arranged them on the table to give it some dimension.  I took blue wired star garland and placed it around the boxes. 

FOOD:  We had taquitos with all the toppings (shredded cheese, salsa, sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes and guacamole).  We also had tortilla chips, blue corn chips and on the birthday boy's request, blue jello jigglers.  We had a cooler in the backyard filled with sodas, juice boxes and water bottles. 

CAKE:  We had a cupcake bar.  I set out plain cupcakes with light blue frosting.  Then there were several bowls with toppings in them (chocolate chips, cinnamon chips, gummy bears, sprinkles and blue sugar).  My son had fun picking these out at the store. 

ACTIVITIES:  As the guests arrived I gave each person (including the adults) a sticker of their favorite color to wear, so we could acknowledge everyone's favorite color.  The big activity was an air jump.  It kept the kids and some of the adults well entertained.  We also had a contest for the bluest dressed.  During the party, my husband and I decided the winners.  (2 adults and 2 children).  They recieved blue ribbons that I had made (I used blue foamboard, ribbon and printed out on the computer - Blue Ribbon for the bluest dressed). 

My husband thought it would be fun to also have a Fuddy Duddy award for the people wearing the least blue (for the adults).  I made a pin as boring and as plain as I could (I used brown foamboard and printed out - Fudddy Duddy).  Blue is a very easy color to wear, but it still worked out really well. 

This was really fun and everyone was proud of their awards, even the Fuddy Duddy's.  All of the kids received a nice coloring book with either crayons or sticker as they left.  Everything went smoothly and everyone seemed to have a good time, especially the birthday boy, which makes it all worth it!

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