Chocolate Party

Chocolate Party 10-14yr - Chocolate Games




Alana in Townsville, Queensland, Australia


June 2008


Honorable Mention

INVITATIONS; using cardstock I created a chocolate bar with a foil sleeve on the back with an opening at the top. I slipped a card with all of the relevant information and chocolate adornments into the sleeve.

DECORATIONS; The party colours were brown and aqua so I decorated the party area with many streamers, balloons, signs, pictures of chocolate and scattered chocolate everywhere. Out of cardboard I painted 3 human-size chocolat bars and 20 wrapped chocolates to put up on the walls. Throughout the entire party the Willy Wonka soundtrack was playing. 

ACTIVITIES AND GAMES; I had many different chocolate themed activities at the party including;

COOKING - we baked brownies, made flavoured chocolates and chocolate biscuits.

CHOCOLATE SPA - using recipes of the Merry Chocoholic website we made face masks, bath salts, hand cream and scrubs and had a chocolate spa.

STACK THE OREOS - have guests roll a dice, if a 2 is rolled they must stack 2 oreos on top of eachother, this continues until the tower falls and the last person to successfully place the oroes on the tower wins.

CHOCOLATE PUZZLE - using a knife break even sized chocolate bears into odd pieces and place the pieces in individual bags for each bar. Have guests try and re-assemble the bar, the fastest to do so wins.

CHOCOLATE HUNT - this could work to ways. No. 1 - scatter many wrapped chocolates all over the house and yard for guests to collect or No. 2 - leave clues leading to a,large amount of chocolate to be shared.

GUESS HOW MANY MnM's - count the number of MnM's you van fit in jar, and have the children guess how many they think there is, the closest person wins.

PINATA - buy a chocolate shaped pinata, fill with chocolate and play as per usual.

CHOCOLATE TRIVIA - have a trivia contest on the origins of chocolate.

WHIPPED CREAM CHOCOLATE HUNT - make a large pile of chocolate flavoured whipped cream and plpace many small chocolates [eg mini MnM's] in it and guests each have 30 seconds to find as many as they can in it blindfolded and not using their hands.

CHOCOLATE BINGO - make bingo cards with pictures of common chocolates and mark the squares off with chocolates, play as per usual.

CHOCOLATE TOSS - make targets out of bowls, cardboards etc. and have different targets worth different point values. Guests must toss chocolates into/onto the targets from a certain distsance away.

CHOCOLATE SCULPTING - using many different sized chocolates and biscuits and icing and melted chocolate as 'cement' have guests build monuments, animals etc. out of the chocolate.

MOVIES - try watching Willy Wonka or Chocolate.

GUESS WHICH? - blindfold guests and feed them common chocolates and they must guess which it is, the person who guesses correctly most often wins.

PAPER GAMES - make crosswords, findawords, memory games and the like using chocolatey words.

CHOCOLATE SONG - guests must create a song with lyrics and an instrumental section with instruments made of common household objects and chocolate, film and replay for added fun! You could also try this with a skit form.

PARTY SNACKS - chocolate, chocolate ice-sream, chocolate cake, chocolate brownies, chocolate fudge, chocolate cookies, chocolate mouusse, chocolate fountain, chocolate milk, hot chocolate and iced chocolates. For dinner we had a make your own taco bar and chocolate fettucine and chocolate nachos [theoretically dessert] but you could have any common party foods eg. Pizza, BBQ or pastas.

CAKE - we had a mudcake shaped like a block of chocolate.

PARTY FAVOURS- for favours we had chocolate scented pens, stickers, candles, lipgloss, perfume and note-books, as well as chocolate shaped soaps, lipglosses, jewellery boxes and jewellery as well as piles of chocolate. They were enclosed in assorted old chocolate variety boxes [as large as possible]. 

I hope my ideas help you plan your own amazing and delicious party!

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