Casino Party

Casino Party -11yr- Bingo, Dominoes & Roulette




Maritza in Miami, FL


August 2006



It's always fun to have a theme that has not been done before.  I searched online for party themes but couldn't find any that were not too baby nor too grown up since my daughter was turning 11.   I decided on a casino themed party since we were having boys and girls of different age groups. 

I created the invitations my computer & used clip art to find casino chips and die as decorations.   When each family arrived, each guest was given a "money bag" w/ a few casino chips to get them started. I was able to find toy slot machines online (approx $15 ea & battery operated), so they had to change their chips to get tokens for these. The slots were the HIT of the party.

We also had tables set up for card games and had to give a chip to get into a game. Since we had different age groups, at the Dollar Store, we got decks of cards for WAR while the adults played black jack.  We also got different card games for the younger ones, such as old maid, go fish, etc. We also had bingo, dominoes and roulette.

The children rotated amongst the different games and the winner at each game received winning chips. I am lucky enough to have very good friends and siblings who assisted in "manning" the different stations.   My mom made a pinata shaped and decorated like a slot machine.  I filled it w/ fake money, chocolate and gum coins, gummies shaped as dollar signs, travel card games & other little trinkets that I found at the dollar store & Oriental Trading. 

We also included casino chips so they could continue playing. I decorated the cake w/ casino chips.  We had finger foods, meatballs, chips & dip, buffet style so when the guests were hungry or taking breaks between games or tables, they could pick up some food or drink.

For the goodie bags, I found casino themed travel games in a small tin box that were age appropriate, believe it or not and on clearance at Bed Bath & Beyond! I put it inside a white paper bag w/ some pinata fillings and labeled them w/ different amts. 

As the kids would leave, they had to "exchange" their remaining casino chips for the bag w/ the amt of chips they had. So regardless of how many or how little they had at the end of the party, they would all be winners! It was also a surprise party for my daughter.

I sent her to run a couple of errands w/ my mom that morning to give me time to set up. By the time she arrived all the guests were already enjoying themselves at our "casino" and she was really surprised when she walked in. I have the pictures to prove it!

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