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Monster Birthday Bash -4yr- Monster Stomp




Sonia in Rockhampton, QLD, Australia


Jan 2003


Honorable Mention

For my son's fourth birthday, we had a MONSTER BIRTHDAY BASH (based on the monsters inc. movie)  All the kids had a great time and the parents were really impressed. It wasn't very expensive, but a bit time consuming as I made most of the stuff myself. You can get all the party gear in Monsters Inc over the internet to save time.

INVITATIONS These were made on the computer using a clipart picture of Sully saying "are you a little monster?-  Then we want you! for Mitchells Monster Birthday BASH on.. at the birthday monsters house....for a really SCARY time RSVP the mummy monster" They were on blue paper and looked great.

DECORATIONS Blue and green balloons and streamers and blue and green cardboard with monsters drawn on them (MIKE AND SULLY) saying  "mitchells monster birthday bash - little monsters only" and big monster feet made out of cardboard on the path entering the house. On arrival, all kids got a headband to wear and take home, made from blue cardboard and with horns and fur stuck to it and crazy eyes drawn on. Plastic glove hands filled with popcorn and red lolly for fingernails were hung up. You could also use white paper tablecloths and get kids to draw monsters on them.

FOOD Monster BBQ shapes, monster face pizzas, monster fingers(little franks with tomato sauce)We also let the kids make their own monster icecream - decorating icecream cones with green ice magic, and lollies and teeth to make a scary face (they all really loved this)

For the cake we made a plain cake with red food colouring added (to look like blood)in the shape of sully's head with the horns and then iced it with blue frosting and lollies to look like Sully - not as hard as it sounds!We served green cordial to drink.  I got some green plastic cups and using the computer, made stickers with a monster picture and the childrens names on them.

LOLLY BAGS I used plain paper bags and using my clipart Sully, I made stickers to go on the front and wrote "mitchell's monster bag". I printed out a monster colour in and activity and monster masks to make at home from the monsters inc website, mitchs monster repellant (bubbles with a dash of blue food colour),monster lollipops,monster finger puppet,all the scary type lollies  (teeth, ears, snakes, sharks, spiders etc), monster stickers

GAMES Monster Hunt -Tell the kids that we thought we saw some monster in our garden last night, so lets go on a monster hunt ( sung to lets go on a bear hunt)and see what we can find. Monster lollipops hidden around garden.

Monster Stomp - throw out monster face balloons(drawn on on with a black pen) and get the kids to stomp on the monsters.

Pass the Monsters Parcel - Have music playing (Monster Mash) all kids sitting in a circle, my husband was the monster (complete with his own Mike headband - lucky his name is MIKE!) walked around the circle and when the music stopped he let the kids reach into his bag (a green pillowcase) and get a present (monsters inc colour in books, monster story books, cookie monster pencil tins)- he also grabbed their hand as they did it and made scary noises.The kids loved it.

Pin the eye on the monster - Blindfold each child in turn and get them to pin their eye onto the large picture of Mike.

Monster Statues -one person is the monster, behind mum and the others dance around to music playing in background when mum yells monster, everyone freezes and must stay frozen, monster walks around, making monster noises and comes back behind mum and then mum yells monster gone and they can dance again, take it in turns to be the monster. 

Then we did the Monster Hokey Pokey, putting in our claws, horns, tails and big feet.

All the little monsters went home happy and not scared at all!

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