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Pebbles Theme -4yr- The Bedrock Walk




Shannon in Huachuca City, AZ.  USA


May 2001


Special Mention

May12th 2001-For my daughters 4th Birthday Party  she wanted a Pebbles Theme (The Flintstones) but there is nothing at the party stores or on-line for this theme so we had to make everything up. 

First we made invitations by getting pictures from the internet and inserting them onto our card making software.  Fred and Wilma invited family and friends to "Our Cave" for a Bedrock Bash. 

We wanted to stay with the theme so we bought Orange table covers, yellow plates and napkins and green plastic-ware.  We also had streamers that were green, orange and yellow.  We bought helium and floor balloons of the same colors and decorated the room and outside with them.  We bought a trampoline for a present and put helium balloons and streamers all over it. 

I cooked simple food and labeled it as the Flintstones would. BBQ Chicken Wings-Taradactal Wings, Macaroni Salad-Apatosaurus Feed, Potato Salad-Iguanodon Salad, Baked Beans-Anatosaurus Side Dish, Chips-Pteranadon Chips, Soda-Stegosaurus Soda, Hi-C and Tang-Protoceratops Punch.  For dessert we had Ice Cream and I made a sheet cake and drew Pebbles on and Wrote Happy Birthday Brenna You're $ Today!

For Games I ordered a Dinosaur Piñata from www.pinatas.com (I ordered it last minute and it arrived in two days!!!!) and we played Edmontosaurus Egg Eating Race were they had to eat 5 donuts for the older ones and 2 for the little ones and who ever ate them first got a prize. 

We then played the Bedrock Walk,  I taped numbers to the side of the Trampoline and the kids walked around till I said stop and my husband (who had his back to the game) called out a number and whatever number he called out was out.  We did this till there we two left and they were the winners.

Then we played The Missing Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Hunt.  I hide Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm all over the yard and the kids had to go find 4 each and come back to me and they got to pick a candy bar.  I also hid 2 Dino's out there and whoever found one got a big prize out of the prize basket. I had one more game but we ran out of time. 

We then came in to open gifts.  Brenna sat in a chair (specially decorated) so that everyone could see her. 

After opening the gifts we handed out the goody bags.  I used brown paper bags and hot glued an image of Pebbles for the girls and Bamm-Bamm for the boys.  They contained bubbles, a Pebbles or Bamm Bamm homemade pin, a pencil which we bought plain brown and printed pictures of pebbles and bamm Bamm and hot glued them to the top, gum, and an activity book. We also printed Thank yous and put them in the Bags.

We then went out side and smashed the piñata and the kids filled there bags with candy!  It was a lot of fun but hard because there is nothing available for a Flintstones theme. 

Hope that you enjoyed this and Thanks for all the ideas I have gained from this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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