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Charlotte's Web Party -9yr- Cocoon Favors




Annie in Fremont,CA,USA


June 2000



I threw a Charlotte's Web Party for my daughter. She is turning 9, and she loves the book, Charlotte's Web. I also wanted to try something unusual, very creative.

I made some invitations that look like a pig with pink felt and then I wrote words like Some Pig, Humble, Terrific, or Radiant with glitter/color glue on the outside because those were the words used to describe Wilbur, the pig. I also put a little bronze medal necklace in each invitation because Wilbur had won 3rd place at the fair. I told them in the invitation to wear their bronze medals to the party! That was their ticket to come into the fair! 

The party favors were cocoons wrapped with yarn and the kids had to unravel them so they could find their prizes!!! It was so much fun, but their was lots of yarn on the ground!! For the food, I bought macaroni and cheese, the white cheddar one, and then put red food coloring until it turned pink!  It was really fun!  Then, I put cheese on crackers because Templeton was a rat and rats and mice like cheese.  I cut up slices of donuts and other little tidbits because Avery fed Wilbur leftover slices and pieces of other kinds of food. It still tasted GOOD!!!  I served either sunny delight or fruit punch for drinks at the party! 

While the kids were waiting for others to arrive, they went to the craft table and made a craft. There were 2 crafts to do. One we did at the beginning and it was to make name signs out of yarn to hang on your room. The kids loved it while waiting for the other kids to come. Then, we made these really cool felt animals, by sewing the sides together with yarn and plastic sewing things. They could choose from any animal they wanted.  Favorites were the pig!!  Also, a fun part of it was they could choose any color too!  For example, they didn't have to have a black or brown spider, they could have a green spider!!  It was a delight, also very silly! 

Then, for some of the games, we played egg hatching. It was where 2 teams had to pop the most balloons to hatch the egg.  I had little pieces of paper in them.  So, they might be good sayings or bad ones.  Like your egg didn't hatch or your egg hatched double, so you get double points!!  They accumulated points and those with the most at the end got prizes!  It was really fun!! 

Then, we played rat runner.  I bought pipe-cleaners and the kids, 2 teams, had to go through the newspapers finding words to describe Wilbur like humble, radiant.  And they had to make the words out of pipe cleaners!!!  They had to also make it stay on the fake webs I bought for very cheap.  It was pretty funny, but also very fun.  It taught the kids about teamwork and pacing yourself!! 

Then we played pass the egg (balloon). I filled balloons with water and the kids had to pass it along -- Under, over, under, over, under, over, and so on. But if they popped it, or dropped it, they have to start all over. Whoever could get the most in a bowl in a limited amount of time, won!!  It was so crazy!  These were just a couple of our games! 

This all cost under $70 and it was worth it!  Even though girls usually don't like spiders and creepy crawlers, they had a good time!  It was a crazy blast with all the excitement!!  I hope these ideas helped you on your next kid's birthday!

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