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Jungle Book Party -5yr- Elephant March




Diane in Great Falls, MT USA


March, 2000



JUNGLE BOOK PARTY When my son was 5 years old I did the Jungle book birthday party. 

INVITATIONS: I cut out two panther paw prints with claw in black construction paper and then did one in green construction paper just the paw print.  Invite said: The path of the panther paw leads to The Jungle Book Party for man-cub (name) Follow my footprint to (address) on (date) at (time) RSVP. 

CAKE: Made by using 3 round cake pans.  Cutting through the center side to side and then doing a smaller circle in the center.  You use everything but one smaller circle.  You weave larger 1/2's and the use the smaller ones (one on the end as the tail) and 3 on the front as the mouth.  Then you frost it tan and use brown stripes, marshmallow for the eye, do a nose (brown piping) and tongue is red licorice lace.  My nephew said Auntie Diane makes the neatest cakes! 

TABLE SETTING:  Green (jungle of course) and along with that we used orange.  Green table cloth, green cups, forks and orange cups and plates napkins.  Cake was the center piece, but we had a game that was a monkey on the table along with Disney Jungle Book toys from McDonald's.  Orange, and Green balloons.  I did a banner with the Monkeys and put my son's 5th bd and had everyone that came in sign on it.  A keepsake item.  I had two palm trees and put a Kaaw snake in the tree.  I used green plastic wrap and every so far cut off with ribbon and added popcorn inside it.  Made a snake face out of construction and added eyes/nose and red ribbon for the tongue. 

ICE CREAM: I made moneys (although they don't look like monkeys the looked cute).  Using a large mound of ice cream for the top of the head and a small one for the mouth.  Add nose and mouth to little mound and Almonds to the big one for ears, two small marshmallows dotted with frosting.  Last but not about 15 lines across the top of the head to look like their fur. 

PRIZES:  Barrel of moneys I got at the dollar store.  First prize ribbon and always $1.00 for a prize at one game.  Although prizes are not fair, I load up the favor bags. 

FAVORS: I used Green bags and filled with tons and tons of jungle plastic animals.  Then I saved lots of honey jars that were bears and filled them with animal crackers. 

PUNCH: We called it "Jungle Juice". 

GAMES: Elephant march with Colonel Hathi using "Company halt (stop), attention(salute), company left face(turn left), company right face(turn right), company about-face (turn around).  I used it as Simon Says and it was just to hard.  So we just marched around the rooms a couple of times.  Using the commands as we went.  

The ice creams served as part of the table decorations.  I also always have his invited sitting out.  I wrap his gifts in colored tissue paper to match the party theme and tie ribbon in the coordinating color.  Such as green package with tissue paper would have orange ribbon. 

Some of the idea's came from the Disney Party Handbook.

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