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Tweety Bird Party -7yr- Tweety Feeders




Sabrina in Tallahassee, FL


June 2004


Honorable Mention

Our daughter recently turned 7 and requested a "Tweety Bird Party" a month in advance.  Guests would include ages ranging from 2-60 yrs. 

We were only able to find a few decorations & favors (stickers, temporary tattoos, mini-binoculars for birdwatching, etc.) at the local party stores, so we purchased the majority of our supplies (water whistles, rings, etc.) on Ebay at a great price.  To save a few bucks, we also purchased inexpensive solid yellow tablecloths & dinner plates ($.96), rather than use the $3+ Tweety pattern from the party store.  I searched the Internet for Tweety quotes such as "I did!  I did taw a puddy tat!", etc. and printed them to include as decorations.

The party was planned for 3-6 p.m., with activities scheduled first, followed by a traditional cookout.  On the party day, we decorated using our Ebay finds & other novelties from the party store. 

The activities we planned were as follows: 

1)"Tweety Bird Houses"-A table set up with small unfinished wooden birdhouses & craft paint purchased from the Wal-Mart craft section.  Each child was given a plastic plate to squirt their desired colors onto (to avoid waste), a paintbrush & cup of water. 

2)"Tweety Feeders"- To involve the birthday girl & our two other daughters in some of the fun, we sent them on a search for pine cones from the neighborhood to be used the second craft.  Then, on a separate table we set out the pinecones, pipecleaners, two small bowls of peanut butter w/spoons and a 9x13 pan of wild bird seed.  As the kids finished painting their birdhouses, they could come to the next station to create a birdfeeder.  This craft involved wrapping the pipecleaner around the pinecone to form a hook, smearing the peanut butter onto the pinecone with a spoon, then rolling it in birdseed.  Some of the kids hung their completed feeders on our trees, others put theirs in a Ziploc bag to take home.  (It was slightly messy-but oh so fun!)

3)"Bird Bath"- We set up a small inflatable pool to splash in & cool off those feathers. 

Needless to say this was the party favorite, so we never made it to the other games I'd planned like "Duck, Duck, Tweety" and the bird-call contest. The party wouldn't have been complete without the "Tewiffic Tweety Tweats" we put within kids reach, such as the bowl of sunflower seeds & "Crunchy Toons" crackers (new potato snacks shaped like Tweety). 

The grand finale was the cake I baked a cake that read "Happy Birthday Tweety" (instead of "sweetie") using a Wilton cake pan shaped like Tweety with a Book/Card (also purchased on Ebay several months ago).  We served it up with ice cream and the kids were thrilled. Although it took some planning since there weren't any ideas out there for this type of party, it was a "Tweet" party for everyone that attended!

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