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April 2004


Special Mention

For my son's 4th birthday, I went with a Storyland theme.  The party took place in New Orleans City Park Hines Carousel Gardens and Storyland during the month of April.  The weather this time of the year is beautiful. 

INVITATIONS: were done using scrapbooking techniques.  The envelope stated, IT’S STORY BOOK FANTASY TIME! with four nursery rhyme cliparts that I downloaded from Microsoft web site (The Cat and the Fiddle, Little Boy Blue, Little Miss Muffet, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star).  Inside of the invitations on the left side was the party information with a clipart of ‘The Old Lady in the Shoe’.  On the right side of the invitations was the party itinerary with a clipart of ‘The Cow Jumped over the Moon’.  Everyone loved the invitations because I used the tearing and chalking techniques I learned in my scrapbooking class. 

PARTY FAVOR’S:  (THE SHIRT) each guest was given a white t-shirt that stated my son’s name, Storyland Birthday Celebration and the date as the title.  Each shirt had a different nursery rhyme clipart.  I found a total of 18 different nursery rhyme cliparts.  Below each different clipart, I typed in the nursery rhyme that associated with the clipart.  I used the iron on transfers for t-shirts to create the favor.  Using Microsoft word, I created the title, place the clipart in the center, and below typed the nursery rhyme to complete the iron on transfer.  With the birthday boy’s shirt, I added red, yellow, blue and green buttons on each corner and iron on birthday boy on the back of his shirt. 

(THE HATS) I ordered bucket hats in primary colors from the Oriental Trading Company, Inc.  Attached to the front of the hats was the title of the birthday party and a small clipart that correspond to the clipart on the shirt.  I used the iron on transfers of the small cliparts on with cotton fabric.  Then I cut out the small clipart and attached it to one of the five colored felt material and finally attached it to the front of the bucket hat. 

(THE GOODIE BOX) Humpty Dumpty Goodie Boxes.  I used white 4x4x4 boxes from Michael’s Craft Store.  I spray painted the boxes red.  I used a black marker to draw line on the box to make it look like a brick wall.  I used plastic Easter eggs and five different colored felt material to make Humpty Dumpty.  The felt was used to create a hat, pants, shoes, nose, mouth, belt, hands and arms.  I used chenille for his arms and to set his shoes atop.  I cut out a small hole towards the edge where Humpty Dumpty could sit with his shoes over the edge.  Humpty Dumpty was attached to the box with hot glue.  In front the box, I put my son’s name, title of party and date.  On the back of the box, I included the nursery rhyme for Humpty Dumpty.  The box was filled with your standard goodie bag items. 

THE CAKE:  was also Humpty Dumpty.  On the wed site for Parents magazine under the section of ‘Birthday’ was directions for making this cake. Two round cake pans and a glass mixing bowl were used to create the cake.  Final touches were a wall to sat the cake on so Humpty Dumpty feet could dangle on the side.  A party hat to put on his head and a bow tie. 

DÉCOR:  At the party site, I rented a shelter that include 15 unlimited ride bands, 25 balloons, 2 large picnic tables with orange table clothes.  The cake was in the middle of the two picnic tables connected together.  On the table the Humpty Dumpty favor box, a party shirt and party hat that with same clipart was placed on the table for when the guest arrived.  Games were not needed at this party because entertainment was everywhere.  They started off in the Storyland area 26 larger-than-life storybook exhibits from Little Mermaid’s Pond to Jack & Jill’s Hill.  During their time at Storyland, they saw a puppet show.  After an hour of being in Storyland, it was birthday celebration time.  They changed into their party hats and shirts and eat a light lunch.  They left after eating to ride on all of the amusement rides.  After an hour or two, they came back to the party site and sang happy birthday to the birthday boy and had cake and ice cream and open presents. 

Afterwards, the remainder of the party was in the amusement area until child and / or parent got exhausted.  The Parents were exhausted because the kids were crying because they didn’t want to leave.   I even got compliments on how nice my party area was the passer Byers.  I was so nice that there was a parent who wanted my help with creating something for child’s party in October.  All I can say is that you should have been there!

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