Care Bears Party

Care Bear Party -1yr- Little Bear Slippers




Joy in Indian Head, Maryland, USA


July 2003



Care Bears 1st Birthday - For my daughters very recent first birthday I went all out.  I purchased enough plates, cups, etc. from various web sites for 48 guests.  These all contained the "It's a girl's first birthday - care bear theme" then I added plain pink plates, cups, etc for the rest of the 100 invited guests.  I even had forks and spoons with carebears on the ends. 

I purchased care bear centerpieces for the middle guest table and spread party hats along all three tables.  I used both light pink and dark pink streamers around the room and then ran the streamers up towards the ceiling from the cake table in a triangle.  I topped the triangle off with a plate with the party design.  I used matching "Girls First Birthday" streamer on the cake table, food tables, and gift table.  I placed Mylar care bear baloons with plain pink balloons at each end of the food table, and also spread out pink baloons and pink baloons with teddy bears and the number one on them all around the room.  Each kid got to take home one of the balloons and the mylar balloons now hang in my daughters room. 

I had a carebears felt hat and bib for my daughter that matched the theme, and she also wore a care bears shortset that I had purchased off of ebay.  I also purchased a care bears beach chair for her to sit in and open packages. 

I made two 3-dimensional care bear cakes for the guests using a pan that I paid $45.00 for off of ebay and then made her a miniature 3 dimenstional bear to destroy. 

We had hot dogs, chips, dips, pickles, shumai (a japanese dumpling), potstickers, macaroni salad, garlic pasta salad, baked beans and in special salad bar bowls which were a great hit I also had fruit salad, and tossed salad.  These bowls held the lettuce in the middle and the fixings for the salad all around the edges, so that people could put whatever they wanted in them.  The fruit salad bowl had melons in the middle and berries of all sorts around the edges. 

I found 24 carebear coloring/sticker books made in the 1980's in perfect conditon on ebay, and each kid at the party went home with a bag that contained one of the books, candy, care bear bubbles, a care bear twisty turn toy, care bear crayons, a whistle, care bear blowout, care bear stickers, and candy.   

The party was a lot of work, but it was worth it.  I am already planning her next party.  This time I think I'll do the wiggles.

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