Care Bears Party

Care Bear - Bear Bubble Dance




Heather in West Jordan, Utah  USA


Feb. 2004



Care Bear Party  4 year old  My daughter was really into Care Bears and wanted a Care Bear Party. 

I got premade Care Bear invitations from our local party store as well as plates, and cups. 

When the guests arrived I painted a Care Bear symbol of there choice on there cheek. ( before the party I drew all the symbols for them to choose from)  Then we made Rainbow necklaces out of pony beads and ribbon there were a few heart and start beads mixed in also.  The Kids loved making the necklaces. 

My daughter had a ton of Care Bears so each child chose a Care Bear and we had a Care Bear dance I found some childrens bear songs and had the bubble machine going, they had a blast especially with the bubbles going.  We then had a rainbow piniata that we hit with the "rainbow stick" (it was a piniata stick I found at a party store that just happened to be wraped in rainbow colored crete paper.  In the piniata was gift bags full of candy, sidewalk chalk and curly straws. 

After that we went into the rainbow for cake and ice cream ( a canopy outside with colored crete paper curtained around it) 

For the cake I had our bakery make cupcakes with rainbow frosting and a care bear ring on top, we had rainbow ice cream sandwiches (neopolitan ice cream sandwiches) and magical rainbow drinks (sprite with colored star and heart ice cubes, they turned the sprite different colors).  The kids thought that was really cool. 

We then opened presents and read care bear stories until the parents got there.  My daughter and her friends had a blast.

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