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Camp Smore Party 5yr - Lake Fishing




Chris in Millersville, PA


January 2006


Honorable Mention

Camp "S'more-Than-Four" Party - 5 Year old  For our son's 5th birthday, we transformed our backyard into "Camp S'more Than Four!"

The Invitation text said: Attention Happy Campers Sam's turning Five Canoe Help us Celebrate? And were created on 5x7 postcard stock with a camping scene made from construction paper that included a tent (triangle) a canoe cut out, clouds, sun and water for the canoe to float on. Time and date were included inside the tent flap. Invitees were asked to RSVP to the Camp Directors with our phone number.  On the day of the party, Sam's guests were greeted by my husband and I at the Camp Registration Table. Each child was given a canvas "bucket hat" with their name written on it with fabric markers and little camping charms sewn to the rim (the bucket hats and camping charms were ordered from Oriental Trading Company).

The backyard was "decorated" with our 4-person camping tent (used to store the presents and party supplies until we needed them); a campfire circle (made with our backyard patio fireplace and picnic table benches forming a circle around it; the "lake" which we made using a giant blue tarp purchased at Lowes Hardware (we rounded the edges with scissors so it looked more like a lake). We then put an actual canoe (borrowed from a neighbor)in the center of our lake.

There was also an Arts& Crafts table and a Nature Center table. When all the guests arrived, we started out with some fun camp games (blob tag, silly songs, etc. I must confess here that my husband and I are former camp counselors so this was really fun for us!) Then the kids rotated through our centers to complete fun activities.

There was fishing at the lake - kids sat in the canoe and fished for wooden fish that I glued magnets to.  Fishing poles were made with a dowl and string with another magnet attached. They identified plastic bugs at the nature center (which they got to keep), and created bead necklaces and bracelets at the arts & crafts center. We also served lunch (hot dogs, "bug juice" boxes, chips and the kids could toast marshmallows (with much parent supervision!)

The cake was decorated to match the invitation and Sam opened his presents around the campfire circle.  The party ended with a pinata shaped like a frog filled with fun treats. We also gave each child a goodie bag that contained a blue metal camping mug with their name written on it with a paint marker (mugs can be found at any "big-box" store in the camping section). The mugs were filled with homemade G.O.R.P Good-Old-Raisins-&-Peanuts) trailmix that we also added M&Ms and butterscotch chips to. Also included were a compass that said "I Love Camping" and a fish-shaped pen. Both items were ordered from Oriental Trading Company.

Items were put in a 6x9 brown-handled bag with the child's name on it. Thank you notes matched the invitation. This was a great party and all the kids had a blast. A special treat for the birthday boy and his brother was sleeping out that night in our tent at "Camp S'more Than Four" with their Dad (while Mom enjoyed an evening off inside to recover from all the activity)!

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