Camping Party

Cookout Sleepover 7yr - Hot Dogs & Ice Cream




Terra in Kings Mountain, NC, USA


August 2005


Honorable Mention

This year my daughter was turning 7 years old, and she wanted the traditional sleepover party. We have a huge extended family and wanted to include them as well, so we decided to have a cookout/sleepover party. She chose Lizzie McGuire as her theme. We invited about 65 family members and friends, including boys to the cookout. We also invited the families of the girls that were for the slumber party to stay and eat, and invited a few family members that were too young to sleepover or were boys, so they could at least enjoy the birthday party part.

For the invitations I made two separate ones. I made cookout invites on the computer with the date and times, etc. and included Lizzie Mcguire Clipart. I made separate invites addressed to each girl only for the sleepover, that included pillow and sleeping bags, listick, etc. clipart. I stated the sleepover would start after the cookout, inviting them to both. Cost of this was about $10 after paper, postage, and ink costs.

We started it at about 6pm, because it can get really hot where we live during the afternoon. We set up a few tables in the backyard, and covered them in green tablecothes, and smaller orange one on top. I placed one orange, one yellow, and one green balloon in the middle of each table, and tied them around a paperweight. We hung streamers across the front of the garage door, and put a couple balloons on each side. I had a large table set up for all the food. I put a green tablecloth on it, and used the lizzie Mcguire tablecloth on top of that one. I also had a gift table that I placed a few balloons on, and a Lizzie Mcguire Mylar balloon. Everyone commented on the decorations. Costs of total decorations was about $35 from Birthday Express. 

We pulled out the grill and fried up hotdogs and hamburgers, and all the fixin's that go with them. Cost of food was expensive, but only because of the number of people. During the cookout all the kids had a scavenger hunt in the backyard, and they loved it. I put things on their list like a special color leaf, an odd shaped rock, and also stuff like a four leaf clover.

After we ate, and sang happy birthday, we opened presents. About 8 pm, all the family members, parents, and boys started to go home. I did have a small party favor box for them, that were age related. For the boys, I did Spiderman favors, and the younger ones I did sesame street treats. After the cookout we had 13 girls to sleep over.  The girls had a blast. They made personal pillowcases out of white pillowcases and felt tip markers, and iron ons. I dated each one and the event. After that, they made ice cream sundies.

They sang and danced, and had a talent show in the middle of the living room. They played musical pillows, had makeovers on each other, and just ran around silly. Towards the end of the night, I popped popcorn, and had chips and drinks, and they all sat in their sleeping bags and watched two Hilary Duff movies. I gave them each a flashlight, and pasted glow in the dark stickers on the ceiling. In the morning, we had doughnuts and milk.

Then they got dressed and played outside a little. At the end I had a game with clues that I got from this website to help them find their goodie bags. They had goodie purses with lipgloss, hairbows, feather pens, tattoos, and Lizzie stickers.  Everyone had a blast and most girls were picked up at 11am. Clean up is another story!!

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