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Butterfly Party 3yr - Butterflies in a Birdcage




Cissie in Trussville, AL 


November 2010


Special Mention

My daughter was turning 3 and LOVES butterflies. I used some ideas from this site to get started.  It was so much fun and here's what we did… The colors we used for her party were hot pink, lime green, aqua, yellow, purple (all bright pretty colors)

INVITATIONS: I couldn't find anything pre-made that I loved so I made the invitations myself. I used bright colored blank cards(from Michaels) The front read Flutter on over to ___'s party…" The inside read "…the birthday girl is turning 3!"  I found bright colored 3-d butterflies w/glitter accents (Michaels) and glued one to the front of each invitation.  I also made a swirled glitter trail behind the butterfly for a flying effect. 

DECORATIONS: Her birthday is in April so we used a local park with a pavillion. I found a butterfly decoration (Party City) that had several butterflies attached randomly to 6 foot long "fishing" line.  I was lucky to find these… but they would be pretty simple to make (print butterflies on card stock and attach to fish line)  They were hung from the rafters and in surrounding trees (which looked like butterflies were flying everywhere!) I found butterfly nets (with our colored netting) at the dollor store and bought enough for each child.  We hung some sideways in the rafters like they were being used to catch the flying butterflies.  Made 50+ tissue butterflies in bright colors (Family Fun website) with pipe cleaner bodies and glitter decorated wings. Then clipped clothespins to the backside of each one and clipped them all over the fence next to the pavillion. It was so pretty and added lots of color to the background. 

We also used lots of the flower wind spinners that stick in the ground all around the pavillion. (It was VERY windy so it looked great with all of those colors spinning) I used bright sidewalk chalk to make pretty butterflies on the pavillion floor.  The 2 food tables were decorated with yellow tablecloths. I also found pink and purple tulle (that looked like the netting from the butterfly nets) and bunched it on the tables.  I had extra butterflies from the invitations and placed them in the tulle and on some small potted silk daisies (pink lime purple- from Michaels) which sat in the tulle on the tables. I found lime green plates with butterflies (inspiration for the colors of the party) from the dollar store. Used hot pink dessert plates for cake. Found a tiny butterfly punch (Michaels) and punched butterflies at the corner of each napkin (which were lime and hot pink) It was a cute touch. Hot pink & lime colored plates/bowls were used for the food. We also had tiny suitcases in our bright colors which added height to the table for the food.  It was so pretty.

PARTY SNACKS: I found "Springtime" Ritz crackers with butterflies and flowers on them. I used only the ones with butterflies and served them with different cheeses that were cut into butterfly shapes. Also had party mix with bright colored M&Ms nuts preztel rods with dark chocolate butterflies on the end (mold from Michaels) fruit with dip water and juice boxes.

ACTIVITIES: I cut picture frames from foam sheets and had each child decorate their frame with foam butterflies/insects.  I got a bright yellow display board and painted a huge butterfly (using all of our colors) and accented the butterfly with the various shades of glitter.  The body was lime green and made from 4 circles (tracing a round tupperware top) The top circle was cut out for the kids to stick their faces.  After decorating the frames each child had their picture taken as a butterfly (as did many of the adults- LOL) I gathered all of the completed frames- and later attached the child's picture to the frame and returned it with their thank you note.  We also had a bright colored pull-string pinata  The kids used their butterfly nets to catch all of the goodies. Inside the pinata were butterfly/insect stickers & tatoos big butterfly gummies bubbles with butterfly stickers attached candy. I also found butterfly gliders which was great since we were outside at the park

CAKE: I decided to make her cake. I used a 12" round cake for the wings (Found the idea online. Can't remember where - but you cut the cake down the middle turn the halves cut side out and cut the halves in two. When arranged it looks like wings.) I made lots of cupcakes for the kids and used it for the "body" of the butterfly.  It was a lot of work… but ADORABLE!!!  Everyone had a fit over it. 

FAVORS: I found butterfly goody bags. Put bright tissue paper in them and filled with the butterfly gliders and the same items that were in the pinata. 

THE BEST PART OF ALL I ordered butterfly larva on-line (Insect Lore website) We watched the different phases as they changed from larva to butterflies.  I had to time it just right so they would all be hatched for her party.  I had a beautiful antique dome topped birdcage that I lined with netting. The butterflies hatched just in time in their new home.  That was going to be the centerpiece of our 2nd table at the party but unfortunately it was SOSOSO WINDY that I was afraid to take them outside in this cage. That would have really been the cherry on top of an already wonderful fun party.  But we had so much fun watching them and releasing them a couple of days later at home.  It was worth it! 

There was a lot of preparation that went into this party.  I started a few months before the party and did a little at a time.  I wasn't stressed at all and actually had fun making everything.  It paid off because there were butterfly decorations & accents EVERWHERE.  Our birthday girl was so thrilled with her Butterfly Party!"

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