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Cheryl in Brooklyn, New York, USA


May 2009


Special Mention

For my daughter's 7th birthday we decided on a butterfly in the garden theme. Weeks before the party, I purchased a butterfly tree house (at Target) and we sent away for the caterpillars. They take approximately 3 weeks to mature, and the caterpillars arrived 3 weeks till the day of the party. Best yet, I didn't have to touch the bugs, just leave them alone and watch them grow and become butterflies.  

INVITATIONS: Using a printing program I made seed packets with the poem; FUN SHINE SEEDS: Catherine's still growing like a flower toward the sun, She's turning 7 now and inviting everyone to come to a garden party and have a lot of fun. Date, Time, We'll take roots in the garden of address, RSVP. On the back it said CONTENTS: Candy seed" nerds NOTE TO PARENTS:  There will be painting and planting involved please dress child accordingly.  I filled these packets with nerds candy which the recipients loved. 

DECORATIONS:  On familyfun.com I was able to print out a pattern for a butterfly mobile. We then used these butterflies as a pattern and made more. We sandwiched fishing line in between 2 butterflies hanging the line across the room making it look like butterflies were flying across the room. I made a rainbow banner cutting out letters saying happy birthday and printing my daughters name on the computer with flowers in the shape of each letter. On marthastewart.com I got instructions on making balloon flowers 5 balloons in 1 color with 2 (as center)in another. We hung these groupings everywhere. Since her party was after Easter When we dyed eggs I took a stack of coffee filters and my daughter and I dyed them different colors. This can also be done with paint. We used the coffee filters with colored clothespins and pipe cleaners to make butterflies which we clipped around the room. We made a butterfly pinata. Tissue paper flowers and foam bugs added to the garden theme.We had paper plates and napkins with flowers on them And I made napkin rings with a butterfly hole puncher. They were stored in pretty flowerpots. 

CRAFTS/ACTIVITES: I took an old cardboard box and painted a butterfly on it missing the face so that the children could stick their face in for pictures. I also made a flower one and a second flower for pin the bug on the flower. I purchased inexpensive flower pots and paint and brushes. All children painted a flowerpot. While it dried we divided into 2 teams spiders and ladybugs and played pin the butterfly/bee on the flower and toss the bug in the flowerpot (I used home made beanbags of ladybugs and spiders) Caterpillar limbo (a green pool noodle works great for this. I didn't have a chance to decorate it but was going to wrap it in yellow leis and add googly eyes to make it look like a giant caterpillar). Then we ate before planting the flowers in the pots (herbs for boys) Did the pinata had cake and let the butterflies go. (This was especially exciting because everyone got a chance to hold the butterflies before they flew away)

FOOD: I bought refrigerated large biscuits then cut them into slits on the sides twisting them slightly before they were baked making them flowers. We had turkey and roast beef sandwiches as well as hot dogs (a kids favorite). There was potato and macaroni salad (served in flower pots) a raw vegetable crudite with dip.  I sliced the turnips on a slicer and cut them with butterfly and flower cookie cutters. I also made sugar cookies that way dipping them in chocolate and coating with sprinkles. We also had fruit cut that way. We served chips in clementine boxes with foil liners had edible grass (bought after Easter at 1/2 off sales) gummy worms and pop rocks. The cake(home made) was a 14" round cake with a doll cake off center on top. I used a butterfly mold (a cookie cutter would also do) to make wings with white chocolatesprayed with food coloring spray and put a toy watering can (I think it was from a my little pony but a barbie one would work) on the dolls hand then added flowers in front of the fairy doll watering her garden. The dolls dress was rainbow the flowers were rainbow and my daughter (and her friends) were thrilled. We had lemonade in a fountain (purchased at costco 2 years ago) and iced tea and soda. 

LOOT BAGS: I had plastic flower bags that each child got for the pinata...filled with candy fruit pens assorted chocolates plastic bugs butterflies etc. Each child took home their flower pot the pinata bag pop rocks a flower lollipop and a "prize" from the prize bag...dollar store finds that would go with the theme from stationery stretch bugs wiggle worms toy kites with butterflies on them...Anything that would go with a garden theme...Note; my daughter has boys and girls come to her party so we have to make sure that it is not too girly...Anything with spiderman will interest the boys flowers and butterflies for the girls. We also made little gardening kits (small peat pot peat pellet and seed pack) for the grown ups. We're giving these out at her class party as well.  We never got around to doing tattoos and I ran out of time for cutting ice cream into butterfly shapes but the children didn't miss it they had so much fun. We're sending pictures taken with the butterfly and flower boxes in thank you cards. What a great party!"

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