Breakfast Pajama Party

Reverse Surprise Breakfast -9yr- Limo Wake Up




Tami in Bakersfield, CA USA


July 2005



Reverse Surprise Party

When my daughter Eden turned nine we had just moved and were not ready to have a home party yet.  I came upon the idea of a Reverse Surprise Party -- we surprised the guests by "kidnapping" them for breakfast in their jammies! 

Preparation:  I called each girl's parents one week before the party to make sure the girls would be home and to get permission to wake them up on the party day.  I reserved a limosine for one hour which cost $100 (a large SUV would also work) and found a restaurant that would accommodate our party.  I also mapped out a route for the limo driver and printed instructions to give the parents on where and when to get their children from the restaurant. 

I mailed invitations to grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. to meet us at the restaurant. 

On the day:  Eden and the parents were fantastic about keeping the secret so each girl was absolutely surprised and thrilled when we came to get her!  Some were still in bed, others were awake but still in their jammies.  Those girls were so excited to ride in the limo -- they giggled and talked the whole way!  Eden also opened her gifts once all the guests were picked up while we headed to the restaurant. 

At the restaurant:  Adult guests were already at the restaurant with my husband, who had ordered stacks and stacks of pancakes for everyone as well as orange juice and coffee.  We didn't allow people to order off the menu to keep costs down and to keep things simple for the servers. Eden opened the rest of her gifts from family at the table and passed out party favors (nail polish, brush and mirror sets, etc.). 

Following breakfast parents came to get their girls and everyone went home full and happy.  The girls talked about this party for months and all said, "We want you to do this again next next year!" 

Notes:  One thing I would have done differently is follow-up with the parents the day before the party.  One girl wasn't home because her mom forgot and let her spend the night with a friend! (Mom went and got her and we went back after all the other girls were picked up.) 

Overall, it was easy (no decorating, no games/prizes, no clean-up) and definitely memorable!

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