Breakfast Pajama Party

Breakfast in Pajamas - Rice Krispie Cake




Simi in Toronto


January 2005



Breakfast Pajama Party  

We had a breakfast pajama party for our son who turned six in January. Kids were told to arrive at 9am on a Saturday morning,in their pajamas and to bring slippers and their favourite stuffed animals.

Upon arrival, kids decorated paper bags with stickers and glitter, to be used later as lootbags. Then we served pancakes, blueberries, bananas and strawberries. While the kids ate on cushions on the floor, we read a fun book by Sandra Boynton about pajamas. 

For a game we played pass the parcel. We put on music and kids passed around a parcel that had been wrapped about 10 times in various wrapping papers including tin foil, comics and Christmas wrapping. When the music stopped, the child who was holding the parcel got to unwrap one layer. The kids loved this game and couldn't believe how many layers there were to unwrap.

Finally the box was open and a jar of Starburst candy was inside. Everyone got to guess how many candies were in the jar. Everyone felt like a winner when they were told that the candies would be distributed among them in their loot bags. 

After games, we moved upstairs to watch Winnie the Pooh on video (A Blustery Day)-- which was very appropriate---as there was a snowstorm blowing outside. While the kids watched, we filled their lootbags with the candies, Lego or Disney princess toothbrushes, glow in the dark bracelet kits (which we had very easily assembled ourselves) and miniature boxes of breakfast cereal. 

Afterwards, we opened presents and then served a Rice Krispie Squares Birthday Cake decorated with chocolate teddy grahams on miniature marshmallows. The bears looked like they were sleeping on little pillows. Hot chocolate accompanied the cake.  After all the activities ended we sent the kids to have a free playtime with our son's toys upstairs.

When parents arrived, we invited them in and served them muffins, donuts and coffee. We brought the kids down two at a time and gave them their coats and lootbags. It felt so civilized! 

Everyone had a great time, and we loved having the rest of the day just to chill out at home, while our son played with his new presents.

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