Beach Party

Backyard Beach Carnival - Beach Ball Invite




Yassamin in Scottsdale, Arizona USA


August 2004


Honorable Mention

This Birthday Party is called "Backyard Beach Carnival" and can be used for any age, with minor changes. This birthday can be held in someones backyard, but your backyard must be fairly large for some of the activities that can be planned. For my brothers 10th Birthday we decided to do the "Backyard Beach Carnival" it sounded like a great idea and he loved it! For

INVITATIONS: The Invitations for this party can be done several different ways. One idea is the use Beach Balls (Found at Walmart for 99 cents) and write in Permenant Sharpie all the information for the party. You could also do this on the computer or if you have a high budget you could get the customely done at some Paper Stores. On these invitiations we wrote: We Invite you to "Name of Birthday Child"'s Backyard Beach Carnival! And you can just write the rest of the information there. Since it was my brothers 10th Birthday, we considered that a big deal because it was his first "double digit" year. We checked the yellow pages and found a few Party Places and we rented A Waterslide, Consessions (Sno-Cone Machine) and a Dunk Tank. We have a really big backyard so we fit all these things there.

The price wasn't that bad. We rented those 3 things for 5 hours, for only $195.00 We also have a swimming pool in our backyard in Arizona, so between swimming, dunk tanks, and water slides and a slip and slide, there was NO bordem. If you do not want to rent all these things some other very fun, but a lot less expensive options are waterbloons, you can make a lot of waterbloons, and kids will love playing with them and throwing them at eachother. You could also do some fun Limbo games and younger children will also enjoy musical chairs. If you don't have a swimming pool you could always rent the inflatable ones, or purchase them for about 75 dollars at Wal-Mart or Target.

For FOOD we just did the usual Pizza, and some Hamburgers and Hot Dogs. For snacks we had Veggie Trays, Chips and Dip, and some Fruit Trays. And the Kids Loved it because the For Fruit we had pineapples and it totally matched the theme. For Drinks we had some Hawaiin Punch, Soda, and Lemonade. Also we had a Sno-Cone machine that we rented with tons of different flavors Sno-Cones that were a BIG HIT!

For DECORATIONS: We went to our Local Party Store, Party City, and purchased a lot of Hawaiin Themed decorations. We bought Yellow Baloons, Yellow Streamers, and we found some Pineapple Table Centerpieces that we purchased. There were also some big Palm Tree Inflatables that we also purhcased and decorated the backyard. But since we already had so many things there really were no need for decorations. But we decided to get some just to liven things up a little more. For MUSIC: Outside we put a boombox, and we had a Hawaiin CD with Hawaiin Tunes, which we played. It really matched the whole scene that we had set up.

The CAKE: The Cake that we used for this party was really great, we had purchased it from a Grocery Store, (any grocery store can probably do it), the cake had pictures of a Pineapple on it, with little seashells everywhere.

Party FAVORS: Since this was a party for a boy, and only boys were invited we had a couple ideas for party favors but this is what we did. A Beach Bucket ($1.00 at Wal-mart) filled with such things as, a Shovle, Seashells, and Beach Balls. Each Party "Bucket" cost about 7-10 Dollars Each.

A SPECIAL TOUCH: If the Party Kid is turning a "special age", such as 10, or 13 or 16, ect. You can do a special thing for them that is a great touch. What my mom and I did for my brother was we scanned photographs of him from the day he was born all the way to age 10 on the computer and used a program called "photoshow" and made a slide show of pictures from being born to age 10. We added nice music in the background and added text to the pictures. WE showed it at the end of the party on our tv and it was a HUGe hit. My brother actually started crying and was getting kind of embarrassed. You should have seen my mom! It's a very emmotional thing to see as a mom, but it's definitely an awesome touch that you could add to a party! 

Party COST:Expensive Version Party Rentals-$200.00 Food- $100.00 Decorations- $60.00 Party Favors- $90.00 Total Cost- $450.00  You could do this party cheaper by not renting things and using Water Baloons, and Limbo and Such and that way it would probably come out to about $150-200 Dollars. You could even maybe do it cheaper. This was a great birthday party. Very Grand, but very FUN! It was the best birthday my brother had ever had! "Backyard Beach Carnival"! :)

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