Beach Party

Beach Party 13yr - Beach in a Bottle




Jessica in Palm Bay, Florida USA


Oct 2003


Special Mention

I am turning 13 and I want it to be a great party that everyone will remember!!  THEME: It is going to be a beach theme.

INVITATIONS:  I am going to bye glass bottles, put some real sand in it that I'll get from the beach.  (Since I live 15 minutes away from the ocean!)  Then put some real sea shells in it.  If you don't live near a beach, you can bye sand and sea shells.  I have some old faded paper that I'll hand write the Invites on.  PS:  On the invites, ask everyone to bring 1 bag of any kind of tropical candy and a disposable camera, or non- disposable if allowed!)  (Again, you can bye old faded paper from Wal-mart or an office store!)  Then I'll seal it with a cork.  (You can bye corks at Wal-mart!)  TIP:  Be sure not to hand these invites out at school or church, it can hurt feelings.  Try to hand deliver these invites to save $ on postage!   

DECORATIONS:  You can bye or (and) make decorations.  Anything you'd want, from starfish to whales, just go crazy with imagination!  Palm trees you can bye or make, blow up brown balloons to make coconuts, leis, (make or bye), plastic or paper fish to hang from the ceilings, stand on the tables or lay on the floor!  Put out colorful umbrellas or flowers, hawian phrases on posters to hang, fish nets, balloons, streamers, lights, sea shells, any interesting lamps, sculptures or photos, just have fun and go WILD!

FOOD AND DRINKS: Fruit ko-bobs, smoothies,Sodas (I recommend you just have a large cooler with all sorts of different soda or dinks in it!)  Hot dogs, Cheeseburgers, and even colorful GOLD FISH!!  You could eat shrimp, lobster, or FISH!  Be sure to be artistic when you decorate the snack table!  I would bye a cheap but nice table cloth that is plastered with beach themed pictures or something just plain colorful, like Tye-Dye!

DESSERTS:  That’s right, desserts have their own indivisual coulmn!  Make sundays, (have plenty of different toppings!) Cake, (DUH!)  and there's a great cake that you can find at www.FamilyFun.com it is a cake scened like the beach and ocean, and it's topped with frosting AND CANDY!!  I wish had more then these ideas but, nothing's come'n out of my mouth!

SNACKS:  That's right, snacks too!  Make sure to have a small snack table with a big bowl of candy on it (On the invites, remember!)  Chips, vegetables, and different dips, and plenty of fruit! GAMES:   (Be sure to have a grand mystery prize for the team that has the most points at the end of the Tropical Game Zone!)Eat the chip then Guess the dip!  This game's title says it all, Split your guests into two teams, blindfold the first 2 people and Dip the chip in a 'special' dip, give it to the person, and just let them smell it, feel it (?) then eat it.  Whoever guess' it right first wins their team a point, and they get a pie in the face!  (Just use whip o' cream in a paper plate, nothing fancy but the mess, (on the person!)  The team who has the most pied faces at the end of the game (When everyone has had a chance) wins.  That's 1 game point for the winning team.  Everyone picks a water balloon that has a prize in it.  Which brings us to the next game. Drop it or Pop, Snooze or Loose! 

Don't let the kids be bummed cuz of loosing the first game, they still have a chance to get the mystery prize!  Have the teams hold their water balloons, the winning team lines up side ways to the other team.  They each hold the water balloon that they still have from winning the first game, when the word "GO!" Is heard, have them toss the balloon back and forth to eachother.  Whoever pops it or drops it first, looses and the other person gets the prize from inside.  After everyone is done, Whichever team has the most prizes win, for a game point.

The last game is a game from www.FamilyFun.com, ICECUBE STRAVAGANZA!: Have the 2 teams change into their bathing suits, and stand on opposite ends of the pool.  Have 1 empty sand pail on each end of the pool (1 per team)  Then dump a bag of Ice into the middle of the pool then shout, "GO!"  Then everyone jumps in, make sure there is no pushing or shoving in the water, and keep a close eye on them for this game.  Each kid may only grab 1 ICECUBE and put it into their team's bucket.  Whoever has the most icecubes at the end of the 2 minute time limit wins.  Whoever has the most game winning points gets the mystery prize.  So no one feels left out, give the team that lost a little something too.  

ENTERTAINMENT AND CRAFTS:  Make tye-dye tee's, picture frames w/ real sea shells, (or fake) watch movies, eat, uggghhhhh, eat, and eat!  Just kidding!  You could also make a scrap book, just for your party.  Use all of those photo's you should have!  (While the kids are watching the movie you can get the film developed at the 1 hour photo shoot!  And that's after the cake and icecream and presents!)  Play music or dance, sing or play regular games, limbo, volleyball, or just go 2 bed!  

GOODY-BAGS: Put in tye-dye bags, or just regular bags, sunglasses, braclets, photos of themselves, candy, lip gloss, eye-shadow, glitter and some bath stuff including glow in the dark night jewelery!

BREAKFAST:  You should supply the child with some breakfast!  Keep it simple and easy, cuz you won't feel like cook'n an feast!  Pancakes, eggs, baccon, sausage, biscuits, toast or cereal! You should have had a great party cuz I think it'll turn out great 4 me and hopefully the same for u!

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