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Flip Flop Bash 6yr - Flip Flop Invites




Jennifer in Lakeland, FL  USA


December 2010


Honorable Mention

This year we did a Flip Flop Bash for my daughter's 6th birthday party.  We are known for our parties and this was the first in our new  home so we had to do something over the top. 

For invitations I hit Old Navy sale on Flip Flops with coupons and free shipping I purchased flip flops for each child for $1.80 a piece.  Then I found a company online to purchase boxes.  Then using colored cardstock in comboniations of pink, yellow, aqua, kelly green, purple and orange I created a flat card that started with Flip Flop Bash!"  I cut out 1.5" circles in coordinating colors and stamped a pair of flip flops in the circle then added flower jewels for the flip flop straps.  The invitation had wording like: "for a flip floppin' good time come to Emmajames' 6th Birthday Party".  Instead of listing it as RSVP I put on the invitation "for those not wanting the 'Perfect Pair' call…"  I put the invitation along with 1 flip flop for the child in the box and mailed them off. 

The responses to the invitation were overwhelming.  I heard stories from moms at play dates that their child would ask another "are you going to Emmajames' birthday party?" and a child would respond with "duh! Of course I have to go to get my other flip flop!"  Next thing we knew we had 36 children RSVP'd for the party!  I don't recommend that for everyone unless you have the yard for it. 

We rented enough table and chairs for 40 and placed them in the front yard in a square and decorated with a banner kit from Party City that was a beach theme.  The tables were decorated with flip flop table cloths that I found at Old Navy and each seat had a flip flop shaped plastic plate (which I purchased at a Dollar Tree for 2/$1). 

The drive way was left open for games.  We played a parachute game with all the extra flip flops were thrown on the parachute and the kids grabbed each side of the parachute to see how high they could fly the flip flops.  After that we had a water balloon fight with the kids. 

The last game we played was from minute to win it where each child had their own streamer to unwind in less then a minute!  The birthday girl had a special streamer with a happy birthday design.  (streamers from Dollar Tree 2/$1) 

The cake was a large sheet cake covered in raw sugar to give the appearance of sand then an adult size flip flops on top that were covered in fondant and colored flowers.  The straps were even made out of fondant. 

The garage door was decorated with hula girls pointing to the back yard where the pool was decorated with blow up flip flops and beach balls strung on fishing lines well above the pool area along with the bottom screen area covered with a raffia skirting topped with colorful flowers.  There was also a large flamingo banner (leftover from our flamingo birthday party when she turned 3) that stated Happy Birthday Emmajames! 

Outside the pool area was the trampoline and playyard.  We also had a Little Tikes blow up house marked for kids under 4 years old so they would not be trampled on in the trampoline.  Also for the younger kids we bought a blow up pool for them to swim in instead of the large pool if parents didn't want to get in with them.  Then in the far back was a large blow up water slide.  At the end of the area we took 2 large fence posts and put them in the ground then took nylon rope stringing it between the 2 and hung up the kids goody bags. 

Goody bags were canvas with a flip flops printed out the outside and consisted of the childs other flip flop lei necklace bubbles and a wooden car or doll with markers to decorate the bags also had flip flop tags with the kids' name on them.  For food we did fruit salad mixed in sand buckets (dollar tree $1) chicken nuggets and chips.  I printed out flip flops from my Cricut and taped them to the floor from the front and back door for people to follow to the restrooms.  I took Nutter Butter cookies covered them in party colors chocolate then sprinkled them with colored sugar for polka dots then piped on straps and stuck 2 of the cookies together to give the allusion of a pair of flip flops!  They not only look marvalous but they tasted wonderful! 

It was a huge success!  The adults and kids enjoyed the party and decorations and invitations.  It was fun to watch kids take it to heart show up hopping on one foot up to the party to get their other flip flop!I hope this gets your imagination flowing to create a memorable party like I did for my daughter!!!  Happy Partying!"

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