Beach Party

Hawaiian Beach 8yr - Ocean in a Bottle




Debbie in Oregon, Ohio, USA


June 2010


Honorable Mention

We had a Hawaiian beach party at the beach by our house for our daughter's 8th birthday.

For her invitations we went to a party store and purchased 7 beach balls and wrote all the birthday information on them so when they blow them up they can see the party details.

For decorations we went to the dollar store and bought a bunch of blow up pool toys(beach balls swimming rings and hawaiian decorations) and hung them at the pavilion at the beach. I looked really cute. We used blue table cloths for tables and put little plastic fish bowls with real gold fish in them with a tropical flower on top. With permission from parents kids got to take the fish home. 

As the kids arrived we gave them their name tags with their Hawaiian names on them. I went to www.alohafriends.com to find the names. Then we gave each girl a grass skirt and a leis then each child got their picture taken with the birthday girl and wrote her a message in a scrapbook I made. It was a great keepsake for my daughter. After the pictures we had the kids sit at the picnic tables and make Ocean in a Bottle (you take an empty water bottle and fill it a little over half with water then the rest of the way with vegetable oil. Add blue food coloring and blue glitter and a plastic toy shark) then you shake it. They thought that was so neat.

Then we played "water bomb" we put them in groups of 2 and they tossed a water balloon to each other taking a step back each time they caught it until they dropped it last group to drop it wins. Another game was "Splash" (like duck duck goose) they all sit in a circle and the "duck" chose someone and breaks a water balloon over their head and that person chases "duck" to try to tap them before she makes it back to her seat. They also had a Hula hoop contest Musical towels using Beach Boy Music and best sand castle contest. We had the adults judge and we gave the winner a stuffed Hula bear. We made sure everone won something. And no Hawaiian party would be complete without the LIMBO". 

After all the games we had lunch- Hot dogs and a hamburgers on the grill baked beans in sand bucket with shovel Chips in buckets Blue Hawaiian punch with gummy sharks and gummy fish in it and for snacks on the tables we had gummy savors and goldfish crackers in fish bowls. After lunch we purchased tickets for the girls to go down a huge blow up slide they have at the beach.

Then it was time for the cake. I made 2 different round cakes. A "snorkel" cake. I found on Familyfun.com. It was easy to make I made two round cakes and stacked them on each other and frosted them with caramel frosting. For the eyes I cut a marshmellow in half and put two blue m&ms on them the nose was a large orange gum drop and the mouth I used string licorice. Then I used yellow string licorice for the hair with red string licorice for the bows in her hair then I bought a goggles and a snorkel and put the googles on top of the marshmellow eyes and set the snorkel on the side of the cake. It really turned out nice. The other cake was a "sunshine" cake it was two round cakes with bright yellow frosting and I frosted ice cream cone with orange frosting to put around the cake. I made a face with m&m's and string Licorice and then put a pair of black sunglasses on it. I set the cakes on a blue table cloth with fish net on it with sea shells and crushed graham crackers around it for the sand.

After the cake the girls sat in a circle and we put the Beach Boys music back on and gave the girls the gifts they brought for the birthday girl and they passed the gifts around until the music stopped and who's ever gift the birthday girl was holding she gets to open. When it was almost time to go we had a scavenger hunt for the girls goody buckets(a pail and shovel with a large squirt gunsun glasses, bubbles, lip gloss, Hawaiian tatoos, wiggly straws, and a beach ball). We put clues in plastic bottles with sand and shells in them. For the last clue it said go to the top of a mountain (a large sledding hill they have at the beach). We had their buckets at the top of the hill. I think that was the highlight of the party

They Loved it! I think they had an action packed day. I recieved alot of compliments from the parents. I'm already thinking of what to do for next year! "

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