Beach Party

Tropical Beach 12yr - Chinese Lanterns




Julia in Bethesda, MD, United States of America


March 2008



My sister's 12 birthday party is coming up (in like 3 months) so she wanted me to plan it for her, so of course I said yes. Her birthday is in June so it is the perfect time for a outdoor beach b-day party!

This is what I am going to do: Invitations- note in a bottle, a cheap plastic bottle from AC Moore filled w/ sand and piece or white construction paper (torn on the edges to  make it look old) saying ALOHA on the top and all other necessary information on it.

Decorations are going to be seashells, tropical fruits, inflatable palm trees(I am borrowing from my friend), plastic fish hanging from ceilings, umbrellas, beach chairs, towels and surfboards -one real one, and a few made of cardboard, also some made of ironing boards- and Chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Also tropical flowers  and colorful table cloths.  I am also going to give the guests some money" so they can "buy" things from the little shacks that I am setting up in the yard.

Each shack will have something different to "sell" one of them is going to have beaded necklaces/bracelets if you don't have a snow cone machine be creative bring your blender outside and make smoothies instead. Be creative and make other shacks like these. While the girls "buy" I will play tropical music and t can dance and talk. Some activities I will have are beach volley ball limbo scavenger hunt water balloon toss and crab soccer (if you don't know how to play look it up on line that’s were I learned).

For my sisters cake she wants something great so this is what I have so far. 2 cakes one chocolate the other vanilla blue frosting with crushed gram crackers for sand and air heads for towels and teddy grams on the towels w/ cocktail umbrellas over them maybe add some gummy sharks in the water jelly beans for rocks. Candles as bond fire with teddy grams around it. Teddy grams in the water on gummy life saver rings. Lifeguard chair idk how yet. Volley ball net green apple Air Heads bar net marked with back of a knife ends pressed around pretzel sticks. Life guard chair thin pretzel sticks and 1/4 graham cracker cut to 1 1/2 x 1 in. for chair back 1 x 1 in. for seat; red sour belt candy for red cross. Before the cake we will have dinner. It will be a serve yourself meal and there will be 3 tables to get your food from one main courses which will be shell pasta w/ butter and sauce there will also be pizza.

The other tables will be drinks and sides. On the sides table there will be fruit salad and normal salad that table will also have croutons and salad dressing. On the drinks table there will be soda and smoothies and fruit juice and water and punch. The cups and silverware will also be on the drinks table. We will eat our meals outside on the deck which will be decorated with full beach Decor. Since my house has no pool we will keep the sprinklers on for most of the party. The girls will go home a while after dinner. Hope this helped to plan your party!

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