Beach Party

Beach Party 4yr - Horse Shoes & Sack Race




Sophie in Corona,  CA, USA


January 2008



Being from sunny California, I decided to have my daughter's 4 year old party at the beach.  I will admit that although this party was a blast, it took an incredible amount of organization so be prepared.  I began with sending my husband and bro in law to a state beach when it opened to get a good fire pit.  This worked well, as I had the truck packed with two folding tables, a small BBQ, artificial turf, 2 ez-ups, beach chairs, etc.  They unpacked, then took a nap till I arrived at noon to finish setting up for the partys 2:00 start time.  

Invitation: Hot pink and yellow computer paper (those were the party colors) Sun, sand, waves and more!  Come help us celebrate as Emmy turns four.  Stay for the day until the sun has quit, were going to cuddle by a fire pit! __ and then I added the party detail including the fact that lunch, dinner and all snacks would be provided.  Most importantly, I already scoped out the spot on the beach that we wanted, so I inlcuded very detailed directions including the pier number we would be by.  

Food:I borrowed some ice chests from family so all together I had 7.  I purchased croissant sandwiches and wrap trays from Costco as well as fruit and carrots(strawberries, grapes, and bananas) and Smuckers PB&J sandwhices in the frozen section. I individually baggied all of the sandwiches, and put fruit and veggies into snack baggies.  Time consuming, but soooooo worth it.  I bought yougurt sticks, string cheese lots of junk food (oreos, goldfish, crackers, licorice, peanuts, granola bars you get it!) To drink I bought small water bottles and can soda and put those into drink buckets.  I labeled each ice chest with what was inside so that all 58 of my guests could serve themselves at any time and I could watch my kids and enjoy the party!  Which I did.

The cake was a platter full of twinkies, ding dongs, zingers, cupcakes etc. Everyone (adults especially) tore into those like there was no tomorrow.  We sang happy bday with a hostess choc. Cake.  

Goodies bags: sand pails with sunglasses.

Games: horseshoes and potato sack races (which the adults did too, what a riot)  Night: dinner was hotdogs on the bbq and pasta sald with chips and all of the other junk.  Next was Smores.  I bought wooden roasting sticks off of the internet (I go 20) and it was soooo worth it. 

FYI: most important words of advice, bring at least 2 lanterns or flashlights for evening, baby powder to get all of the sand off of bodies, and sunscreen.  Start planning a year before to get all of the great summer clearance things like tablecloths and accessories. Also, the more you can have set up as self serve the better. The party was fanstastic and exhausting.  I know everyone liked it because they keep asking me if I going to do it again... No problemo!

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