Baseball Party

Play Ball (6-11yr) Baseball Movie Sleepover




Amy in Georgetown, Kentucky USA


August 2006



Baseball Party! With 2 boys and a baseball coach in our family, we have had several baseball parties.  Here are things I have had at our parties. Invitations:  I always like handmade invitations, so I use card stock paper to print the details of the party, cut them into circles and attach that to some baseball themed, scrapbook paper also cut in a circle, but larger.  The kids love these and I also put the following phrase at the bottom, "Be Ready To PLAY BALL!!!!

Cake: We either get an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen with a baseball theme or make baseball cupcakes with white icing and red laces.

Food: Everything you would find at a baseball game hotdogs, popcorn, nachos, cotton candy, cracker jacks, sunflower seeds, etc.  Drinks: We load our inflatable baseball cooler (Party City) with sports drinks like Gatorade. 

Goody Bags: I put all things baseball like baby ruth bars, cracker jacks, big league chewing gum, a real baseball, and best of all baseball cards.  When the kids open their baseball cards, they all compare what they have and trade with others.  It is very exciting for kids ages 6 through 11.  We also let all the kids sign a baseball for the birthday boy as a reminder of his party.

Entertainment:  We all go out into the backyard and have a big wiffle ball game, the kids love this and it is less dangerous than real baseball. 

We also load up on baseball movies like: The Sandlot, Bad News Bears, The Perfect Game, Rookie of the Year, and Field of Dreams. We usually have a sleepover so all the kids can stay up late watching the movies and wake in the morning for another Wiffle Ball game.

All the kids love these parties.  My husband coaches youth baseball and we always have the kids over for a party at the end of each season and then after the party we take all the kids to the local park where we meet up with there parents and have our annual kids vs parents baseball game.   The kids and coaches are on one team and all the parents and sibling are on the other. This is always a big hit with both the kids and the parents.

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