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Red Sox Party -11yr- Red Sox Uniform Relay




Teresa in Indianapolis, IN  USA


June 2007


Honorable Mention

For Aidan's 11th Birthday, we decided to do a baseball party, but not just any party.  We decided on the Red Sox baseball theme.  My husband is originally from Boston and has always been a Red Sox fan.  He has encouraged the kids throughout the years to enjoy the Red Sox as well….it worked!  They love the Red Sox. 

For invitations I made a ticket that looks very similar to an actual Red Sox Fenway Park ticket.  The front has a picture of Fenway Park and the bottom section of the ticket has a gate and seat number, etc.  The middle of the ticket has ADMIT ONE and the time 3:05-5:05 p.m. and date of the party.  The back of the ticket has our phone number and stadium rules…such as Bearer must RSVP by calling or sending an email.  The Bearer must participate in activities pertaining to baseball.  No smoking on the facility.  No packages larger that 16x16x8, etc.  It's just kind of funny to mimic the stadium fine print" rules. 

We already have tons of decorations from jerseys to pennants to replica of the stadium Wally the Green Monster stuff and lots more so decorating will not cost a thing.  I have a picture of the birthday boy at Fenway Park and can throw that on a photo cake.  Also I will make baseball cupcakes---easy and they don't even need plates because the party is outside.  They can just throw away the cupcake holder. 

Activities:  Red Sox relay.  The kids will be in 2 teams.  Each team will have a Red Sox jersey they will have to put on a baseball helmet batting glove catcher's shin guards etc.  They will then have to spin around with a bat touching their forehead (to get dizzy) and run to a certain point and back.  The next kid in line will have to put all that stuff on after the first person takes it off.  The first team to complete all of this will be the winner. 

RED SOX TRIVIA.  I found several trivia questions on the internet by doing a search.  Each team will have a team captain.  I will give the 10 multiple choice questions and each team will have to respond (write on a marker erase board and show me the answer).  I will keep track of points and the team to score the most points will win.  I have back-up tie breaker questions in the event of a tie. 

MUSCIAL BASES.  I'll play the "Tessie" song on the CD player while the kids run around the bases.  When the music stops each child will have to stay on a base (more than one child can be on a base)--I'll draw from a hat either home plate first base second base or third base.  Whatever I draw--whoever is standing on the base will be called "OUT" and must leave the game.  The music will continue and the same process will follow.  When we get down to 4 kids--each child will have to be on a different base and won't have the option of being on the same base. 

YANKEES PHOTO.  I will have posted around the yard photos of Yankees players/logos/etc.  The kids will NOT be encouraged to throw rocks or sticks at the sings.  ABSOLUTELY not!!!!.... 

SPORTS PAGE RELAY.  I have saved our local papers sports page for the last week.  The kids will lay out the paper in a row and will we be divided into 2 team.  Each team must stand in 2 separate lines on the papers I give them.  They must take the paper from the back of the line and pass it forward--then the team can scoot up and advance.  They must continue this process until the team reaches a certain point in the yard.  The first team to finish will win.  They must stand on the newspaper at all time.  If their foot goes into the yard they will be penalized and have to start from the beginning.  (Kind of like the newspapers are the islands trying to move across the yard.) 

FOOD--I have popcorn bags left over from a party a few years ago.  I will probably fill up a bag of popcorn for each child.  I also have baseball gum--the gum has "homerun" "triple" "double" etc printed on the gum.  Sunflower seeds--the dollar store has huge bags for $1.  I bought several bags and will place in bowls in various locations at the party.  All the 10-11 year-old-boys like to have this during their Minor League Baseball games so I'm sure it will be a "hit" at the party.  The kids will probably play whiffle ball kickball basketball  etc after the "Formal" party games are over. 

This party is not going to cost much at all because most of the supplies I already have at home!  I will take lots of digital photos and create a YAHOO photo album to share with the parents/kids so they can see all the pictures after the party. 

The Drop Kick Murphy's CD will be playing during the party as well as other baseball songs I can download on my IPOD.  The "players" attending the party will all sign a baseball as a keepsake for my son. 

Finally I printed several Red Sox and Yankees jokes from various web sites on the computer.  I will periodically read the jokes through out the party.  My kids were busting out laughing so HARD from hearing some of these jokes.  I really had to search to find several APPROPRIATE ones for this age group but the ones I did find are perfect for them!  PLAY BALL!"

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