Barbie Party

Barbie Beach Party - 6yr -Knockin' Cans and Ring Toss




Diana in Fremont, CA, USA


June 2000


Honorable Mention

Mixed Barbie Beach Party

Well, I decided to have a Beach Barbie Party for my daughter who is turning 6. Her birthday is in June which is in the summer so I turned her party into a Barbie Beach Party! Even though, we can't go to the beach, we turned our backyard into one!

For the invitations, I made simple seashell & star shapes out of foam. Then, I used gel-ink color pens to write the information on really thin foam paper. I glued it to the back of the real foam invitation! The colors were different, but still matching! They looked purr-fect! Then I put glue around the sides of the front of the invitation & sprinkled colored sand around it! I wrote "U R InViTeD 2 dA BeSt BeAcH pArTy aRoUnD" with glitter glue as well as neon glue. I bought them from Michael's craft store. I bought cheap wooden skewers, painted them with glitter paint & put them on the invitations like a wand. I attached curled ribbon to the invitation. For a mini treat, I also taped a Lollipop to enjoy!  The girls really liked them!

When the girls 1st arrived, I had them guess how many "sea shells" (jellybeans) were in the sea (jar)! Like jellybeans in a jar! Also, I had a big fans blowing at the girls when they arrived & also presented them with a sea shell & plastic flower bracelet! One on each hand. I made them myself!

For the food, I bought many macaroni & cheese boxes, so I decided to serve it. I put in red food coloring, stirred it to make it pink, & I put in white cheese to make sure it got food-colored but still have cheese taste! I also let the girls make little sandwiches. I set out French bread, donut slices, bagel slices, & large-type square crackers. Then, I set out spreads, like veggie dip, cream cheese, seafood dip, & much more! I also set out fresh raw fruits & veggies like carrots to top them off with! They were a real petite delight! I didn't forget the mini nachos with cheese & salsa dip! For the drinks, I bought pink lemonade, sunny delight & punch! Some of the girls even tried to mix the juices together! For some more fun, I cut half-way into lemons & strawberries, then I stuck them onto cute little glass cups! At Dessert time, since it was hot, I didn't serve cake, I served popsicles! It really cooled the girls off after a hot day! I also set out a small little wading pool, with the girl’s favors in them! They included shovels, 2 alligator hair clips, fruit-scented sunblock lip-gloss, cute kiddie sunglasses, sour & regular gummy worms, & a couple of mini-stamp markers all in a colorful pail! This year, I had a chance to get more favors because of fewer girls this year!

The games also won them their favors! Of course everyone got to win them! These type of games were sort of carnival like because I find them the easiest type of games! Some of the games were pin the cherry on the ice cream, pick the right lollipop were I stuck lollipops some with marks on the bottom, some not. And if they have a mark, they get a ticket! Another game wuz vowling ball like bowling! Ring Toss with rings & cans filled with water. Knockin' Kans was where I stood cans on top of each other and the kids used a ball with 3 tries to knock all of the down. For Knockin' Cans, Vowling Ball, & Ring Toss, I used empty soda cans! So it was also good recycling!

The other games were crazy color spin. You spin a color wheel & if it lands on a certain color, u get a ticket! Candy toss wuz where I put large plastic cups & they tossed candy into them. The cups were tall so it was challenging but still fun! Then I used pennies to try to toss them into regular bowls with different points for each toss!!! Once the kids got a certain amount of tickets like 20 they could go get their favor buckets. They could be 1st to decorate them! See, I set out neon glue, stickers, felt, foam, tacky glue, scissors, paint, markers, & more decorating materials to decorate their bucket. They wrote their names on them in any creative way & also they decorated them! Another craft we made was decorating wooden sea shells, & stars with paint, color glue, gems, stickers & much more! They could write their name on it or not! The girls could decide what they want!

Last but not least, after the girls were all finished, we went to the park! They played castle all together! Every girl had a underwater pet, & a certain job to do! They rotated until each girl got to do each job! Another thing we did was play save! IT wuz where 1 girl slid down the slide 1/3 or 1/2 of the way! Then, we all had to pull each other to not let her fall into the sea and drown! It was much fun! Everyone was laughing!!! The park was where the girls had their popsicles and we could fit all the girls in the car! The parents picked them up at the park, too! I guess I could say this party was mixed from beach to carnival, to Barbie! It was soo much fun! It was also less than the average party price! I hope these ideas helped you out a lot! Thank You!

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