Barbie Party

Barbie Doll Party - 7yr - Dress up Relay




Sheila in Somerset, NJ U.S.A.


July 2002


Honorable Mention

For my daughter's 7th birthday, she wanted a Doll Party where her friends would come and bring their dolls.   

For the invitations, I found a picture of a doll having tea and put that on the front and the invitation stated for the girls to come and their dolls were invited too. 

For the games, we did Dress Up Relay:  there were two teams, the girls ran across the room, changed into the dress-up outfits, my husband took their picture, they ran back, took off the dress-up clothes and the next girl went.  The girls were very competitive and were a little too much into winning and losing so we ended up helping both teams and that was fun enough.

Pin the treat on the doll's hand:  I used the idea that I found posted of taking one of the posters from an American Girl catalog, for the treats, I found a sheet of stickers with ice cream cones, slices of cake, etc.  The girl who got the treat closest to the hand won.

Pass the Doll:  This was like hot-potato except that the girls passed their dolls around and when the music stopped, if they ended up with their doll they were out.  This did not go well.  The girls were throwing their dolls and I almost had to end it.   Pass the present:  I had little baby charms, that I wrapped up.  Then I wrapped each charm with another layer of paper adding another charm so that it was a big present when we started.  Again this was like hot potato.  When the music stopped, the girls would unwrap a layer of the present.  I made them wait until everyone had a present before they could open them and they all had the same thing.

Doll Pinata: I found a pinata with dolls on it. I made it into a pull-piñata because we were doing it inside and I don't have a big area to swing a bat around inside.  It ended up that the girls pulled so hard on the string that just the string came out and I had to dump the candy out and some girls got hit with candy in the process.  I won't do piñatas inside anymore.

Charades:  The girls thought of this themselves but this could be done ahead of time with suggestions for things that dolls or babies do. 

The Cake:  I made cupcakes with white frosting for each girl, and then for dolls, I made cupcakes in my mini-muffin pan and frosted those with white frosting as well.  Then I put out colored sugar, sprinkles and writing gel so that the girls could decorate their big cupcake to eat and the little one to bring home if they wanted.  The girls really got into this.  I ended up not doing a craft so this seemed to satisfy a craft and cake.  For my daughter's family party she wanted a Raggedy Ann cake and after doing a search for one on the Internet, I found a pretty easy one that used red licorice for the hair. 

The Result:  The party was good.  I found the girls always wanting to know what the next activity would be.  I wish I had more activities planned in advance.  Also, we had thirteen girls which was about two or three too many.  Other than that, I think a good time was had by all.

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