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Laura in River Forest, IL U.S.A.


April 2006


Honorable Mention

We had a Ballet Birthday Party for my daughter who was turning 4.  I was anxious about having the party at my home because we have a small townhouse but it worked out fine.  We sent out invitations that had the front looking like a curtain, tied with a tulle bow,  they opened from the center to reveal the party info and a picture of my daughter in a tutu on the inside.  They were told to come in leotard, tights and ballet shoes (if they had them).  When the ballerinas arrived they were greeted by a bouquet of balloons on the front steps and a cascade of bubbles (from a bubble machine - $10 at Target). 

Music from the Nutcracker was playing softly in the background while they came in.  They chose a tutu & crown --- set out in baskets in a variety colors.  My mother sat there to help them and they stood in front of a big mirror to admire their choices. (The tutus were a little big so she pinned them to fit).  They then went to the make-up station where my sister applied eye shadow and a variety of sparkles.  Next stop the kitchen where my other sister and niece did fingernails in the ballerina's choice of color. 

They then chose a flashing wand that I added some ribbons and tulle to and headed down to the basement. (all items bought from Oriental Trading Company online  I was going to make the wands, tutus and crowns but found them cheaper than I could make).  In the basement I had set up a small stage in the corner.  I borrowed a plastic ballet barre, covered book shelves with pink plastic table cloths and tulle bows in the background  gaudy & pink.  The girls each did a ballet pose with wand, and we took their pictures, (which I made copies of and put in the thank you cards).  Then we then had a short ballet lesson from a Baby Ballet video (I ordered it from Amazon.com). 

We did Freeze Dance (to Dance Around Ralph's World).  We Played Pin the Ballerina in the Spotlight --- I printed a ballerina from online and pictures of all the girls onto card stock.  I cut them out, colored them and taped their heads onto the ballerinas so they put themselves in the spot light.  We played Keep the Balloon Up (to the Nutcracker Suite Overture). 

We then played my version of Hot Potato (to The Hoppity Song  by John Ondrasik) --- I wrapped up little chenille ballet bunny fairies in streamer paper to make a ball, and finished each with a large tulle bow.  I made enough for each girl.  One ball is passed around the circle, when the music stops the girl holding the ball is out with the ball which she can then start to unwrap.  Every one ends up a winner, and it is fun to see the girls in a big pile of streams as they unwind to find their prize. 

We headed upstairs for cake and ice cream.  The table was decorated with a shimmery pink disposable table cloth, paper doilies, clear glass plates (Salvation Army Store) and glass juice glasses, real silverware and a fairy-ballerina napkin.  I had many small dishes with pastel M&M's, and small vases with fresh flowers.  In the center was a pink bunt cake on a pedestal cake platter.  I also had strewn shiny purple curling ribbon around.  We sang and ate. 

The girls then got their goody bags, canvas with bright polka dots, filled with a pinwheel and a variety of ballet themed gifts (all from Oriental Trading Company) with a helium balloon tied to the top.  These bags were used as decorations around the room, with balloons tied at various heights.  Each bag had a girl's name on it, they had to find their name, and then they enjoyed opening them.  My daughter then opened her gifts with glee.  We had a little time to spare so I had crayons and ballerina coloring sheets (pictures from online that I sized to fit a page and printed at home) for the girls to color, and a jumping game. 

The party was about 1 hour and 45minutes.  The party was a huge success.    During the party we took TONS of pictures of every thing and every one.  That night I went to the 1-hour place, got my pictures and made a scrap book of the big day --- O.K., call me crazy, I was up until 2 a.m.).  (My daughter still carries the one from last year's tea-party around with her).  It is a great memory for us all.

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